Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Review (3.5 of 5)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the latest obscure comic book property turned into a live action film. Unlike a few others that I’ve seen recently, this one was competently made. I enjoyed this to some degree, but I did not think of it as an ‘epic of epic etcetera’.

The story is one that is plainly spelled out in the trailers. Scott, the title character meets quite literally the girl of his dreams; Ramona, a girl with an anime hairstyle, and after some initial rejections by her, she agrees to go out with him.

The trouble is, if he really wants her to win her heart, then he must first defeat her 7 evil exes.

The characters in the film exist in a an abstract comic hyper reality.  There are constantly graphics spelling out sounds (like a telephone ring) or each characters ratings and special abilities.

The numerous action scenes are accompanied by the same kind of graphics seen on that old superhero show featuring Adam West and Burt Ward.

When an ex is killed/defeated (as you invariably know that they will), they explode into  coins. The higher the ‘level’ of the adversary the more coins. They also come with a point total.

Pretty to look at. Doesn’t really add anything to the story, though, which is flimsy. There is actually quite a bit of fluff and there isn’t much to suggest that they didn’t just make things up as they go along. The movie’s biggest weakness is that I never felt there was really anything at stake. No suspense. No tension. The personalities are very cartoonish. It’s a bit slapstick.

I must say I am probably not the target audience for this.  The art from the comic is done in a simple style that evokes certain types of manga and anime. The cutesy kind aimed at teenage girls.

There are plenty of cute girls in the movie that say cute things… You know… ‘They rock.’ Literally… And all of the male characters (even the villains) are non threatening.

The MOST non threatening male is Michael Cera or Pilgrim, himself. I think this is his most effeminate role yet. The only way to be more so would be to just play a gay character. He doesn’t do that, but he does sleep in the same bed with his gay roommate among others.

Cera did a decent job, though, as did most of the characters in the film; but as I always say: “I blame the director, not the actors”. Ellen Wong was entertaining as Knives as was Allison Pill.

Most of the seven exes were a bit uninspired, with most having the same personalities. There’s a Thomas Jane cameo, that was funny, but would strengthen my argument that the film waswritten as they went along.

For a movie with characters that play in bands and play music, the soundtrack was JUST adequate. Not great, but barely tolerable. There were some stinkers that went along with a decent song or two. Most of the songs again, were supposed to be ‘punk’ but were the kinds that girls get up to dance to when they cosplay with friends. So again, I don’t think I’m the target audience.

I liked the movie. I just thought that I would like it more, given all the nerd hype blowing out of San Diego. I guess this just proves once again that I stand apart from the average nerd who accepts anything that originated from a comic book as something that is automatically GENIUS. I expected more out of Edgar Wright, but I wondered if the missing ingredient for this when I had enjoyed both of his previous two films so greatly (see my Top 100 of the 2000s)  was the wit of Simon Pegg. He co-wrote the other films (Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead) which were much more to my own tastes.

Michael Cera above? I think ‘yes’. To his movies, though; I say thee nay. I won’t be seeing any more of his films unless he’s not the main character or until he starts playing a different character than the one he plays in every single movie. He’s never been the reason that I went to see a film, but he is now one of the actors that I avoid. It will have to be one helluva trailer for me to go see a film with him in it from here on out. Does that sound like I liked the movie? Really, I did; enough to give it 3.5 out of 5 whatevers.


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