Crash! Landen’s Week 1 College Football Picks (2010)

As I said, I won’t put out the Crash! Poll until we’re 2 weeks in. It’s pointless right now. There shouldn’t be a preseason poll! All of the teams should start out on an even playing field instead of having ‘journalists’ put targets on teams’ backs before the season begins.

So anyway…

Just like last year, I’ll pick ACC games (and others) and will once again outpick Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich. Anyway…  As I said, I’ll pick the ACC games, the Top 25 games and a game or 2 that doesn’t fall under those 2 categories. I picked games at a 76% clip last year.

Don't look in her eyes...

Not great, but I was still better than the Evil One. On with the picks… Week 1 of the college season has become somewhat of a ‘scrimmage week’ where big conference schools play teams they shouldn’t be playing. There are a few exceptions.  And then there are teams like Boise who schedule ONE BIG GAME at the beginning to ‘catch’ someone early. If they win, they probably go undefeated. Go Hokies! TCU is not quite in the same category, but very close. Beat a mediocre OSU team and they only have 1 or 2 loseable games the rest of the year. Go Beavers!

Top 25 The colors… Orange is for a big game. Red is for an ‘upset’ or upset.

#1 Alabama vs San Jose State CRASH! picks: ‘Bama… Ingram’s injured (and out) but it won’t matter….

#2 Ohio State vs Marshall CRASH! picks:OSU

One of the BIGGEST, most important games of the year....

#3 Boise State vs #10 Virginia Tech CRASH! picks:Va. Tech

#4 Florida vs Miami (OH) CRASH! picks:UF

#5 Texas vs Rice CRASH! picks: Texas

The other big one... If OSU can't beat TCU, they won't beat BSU at home, either... Please ignore the USC player...

#6 TCU vs Oregon State CRASH! picks: TCU (regrettably)

#7 Oklahoma  vs Utah State CRASH! picks: Oklahoma

#8 Nebraska vs Western Kentucky CRASH! picks: Nebraska

#9 Iowa vs Eastern Illinois CRASH! picks: Iowa

#11 Oregon vs New Mexico CRASH! picks: Oregon

#12 Wisconsin @ UNLV CRASH! picks: Wisconsin

#13 Miami (FL) vs Florida A&M CRASH! picks: Miami

#14 USC @ Hawaii CRASH! picks: USC

#15 Pittsburgh @ Utah CRASH! picks: Pitt

#16 Georgia Tech vs South Carolina State CRASH! picks: GT

#17 Arkansas vs Tennessee Tech CRASH! picks: Arkansas

Tarheel fans should get used to this pic...

#18 North Carolina vs #21 LSU (Neutral site) CRASH! picks: LSU

#19 Penn State vs Youngstown State CRASH! picks: Penn State

The Post Bowden Era begins... And no Photoslop needed in this one.

#20 Florida State Seminoles vs Samford CRASH! picks: Go Noles!

#22 Auburn vs Arkansas State CRASH! picks: Auburn

#23 Georgia vs Louisiana State CRASH! picks: Georgia

#25 West Virginia vs Coastal Carolina CRASH! picks: West Virginia

Other ACC games… Some pretty weak sheduling , with one exception:

Maryland vs Navy CRASH! picks: Navy

Clemson vs North Texas CRASH! picks: Clemson

NC State vs Western Carolina CRASH! picks: NC State (Will be improved this year)

Wake Forest vs Presbyterian CRASH! picks: Wake

Duke vs Elon CRASH! picks: Duke

Virginia vs Richmond CRASH! picks: Virginia (They’ll finally win an opener)

Boston College vs Weber State CRASH! picks: BC

Go ‘Noles!


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