Crash! At The 2010 San Diego Comic Con Part 8 (And More Costumes….)

More photos!

The last costumed person I got a photo of at the 2010 SDCC. This was right after I spotted David Finch walking towards either the Hilton or the Convention Center.

Zombies! Love the Bruce Lee outfit zombie (yeah, yeah. Kill Bill).

One of several Poison Ivy’s I saw there.

Another shot of Black Canary and Green Arrow….

Nick Fury and War Machine at the Marvel Booth….

A very convincing Elle Driver (Kill Bill)… She smiled more in person.

Not sure if this guy was from anything in particular. He looked autherntic, though.

My favorite Supergirl (best one ever!) posing with Wonder Woman and her daughter…

Another impressive costume…

An Imperial Officer…

Stan… And he even brought his soapbox… He also made an appearance  at the Stan Lee/Todd McFarlane panel.

A seemingly generic goth girl…

More asian Harley and that Street Fighter chick….

As I said, I took several of these 2.

This was a Tie Fighter pilot, right?

Loved this group…

There were a few people who had signs… I saw Mario several times at the Con….

Not to be outdone… A MUCH cuter Mario with Luigi…

Anime chicks…

Green Arrow and Black Canary again; this time with Captain Marvel…

Isn’t this Dr. Horrible?

The White Queen and the Black Widow who did stop to pose for me.

2 Trekkers…

Ummm… Catwoman and the Joker… I’m pretty sure, this catwoman was also…

…this female Flash (posing with the female Punisher and Lady Gaga)…

The Kick-Ass group….

One of the last costume photos I took at SDCC…

After Robin and the Silk Spectre, I got this one. These weren’t part of the SDCC. They were handing out flyers for Repo: The Genetic Opera….

The Blue Girl…

An anime girl maybe? Very cute, nonetheless…

Another of the Flash/Catwoman with Batgirl, a female TwoFace and the Joker…

My best pic of the Blak Cat, Spider-Man and one of the X-Men (Bishop?)…

A very cool Ragman….

I think I already posted this one of the Enchantress…

With Blue Devil….

More Anime types (I think)…

More Manga types…

\Another steampunk type….

Slave Leia! I also got the Christy Marie Slave Leia (I think) but not dressed as Slave Leia. She was the Little Mermaid that I previously posted. Didn’t make the connection at the time, though….

Kato, who I think was waiting for the Green Hornet.

I’ll close out with another favorite: the female Joker. At least I think that’s who she was… SDCC was a blast… Hope to do it again next year.


7 Responses to “Crash! At The 2010 San Diego Comic Con Part 8 (And More Costumes….)”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    ‘Nuff said?

  2. Crash! Landen Says:

    “Oh I don’t know about that, the number of from-behind shots…”

    No, it doesn’t suggest ulterior motives. Out of hundreds of photos I took in San Diego, most of which I’ve posted, only about 5 or so are taken from the back. I politely asked to get a photo about 75% of the time and only 2 people declined, one of them being….

    And she may be the nicest person that has ever walked the planet, but she WAS rude and I was not in any way ‘obnoxious’ with her. In ANY WAY. Maybe she was just tired of having her picture taken and I asked at the ‘right’ moment. I don’t know. In any case, it doesn’t matter. It’s okay.

  3. Oh I don’t know about that, the number of from-behind shots you have of girls suggests ulterior motives ; )

    I’m very surprised to hear that Psykitten blew you off. She’s a sweet girl and almost always happy to take pictures. She either was unusually busy/in the middle of something or thought you were being obnoxious in some way? Or perhaps you misunderstood her gesture? No doubt a misunderstanding. Sorry on her behalf!

    – Roxanna

    • Roxanna, I think you are over reacting, the pictures show more of a stop and go. When your in a over crowded place like the Comic-Con and you see cosplayers who are posing for people and you are on the move, it is very common for people to stop at ANY open angle and take a photo. Yes, the photos may be from behind, to the side, or wherever, but it’s more of a where you are at that point when your on the go. There is a pic of a guy in a black shirt with purple paint and yellow horns taken from the back. I doubt there are any ulterior motives there. People who put on costumes at conventions do so for one reason, they want to draw attention to themselves. If you draw attention to yourself in a place like the SDCC your going to get tons of people getting pics from ALL angles. If you don’t like drawing the attention, maybe cosplayers shouldn’t be putting on a silly costume.

      • I understand we’re all in a rush at SDCC, which is most likely the reason for both the quick pic and the Psykitten blow-off. So we break even, I guess!

        But please, don’t start in on the “don’t put on the costume if you don’t want the attention” argument… I’m somewhat inclined to agree, but be aware that that can become a LOT like “she was asking for it” and that’s a conversation cosplayers get tired of having ; ) The bottom line is, it would be pretty awesome if we were all polite to each other, at a con, in real life, or online, and that’s all I was getting at.

        Sorry to bring this up again! I’ll bow out now : )

  4. Crash! Landen Says:

    Ummm… Big crowd. Hard to maneuver. Hence the pic from behind. Managed to get a pic or 2 THROUGH THE CROWD while someone else was taking a photo. If you want to get a photo there, you have to be fast or you miss it.
    But on the subject of asking first… Later, I did ask her ( Catwoman) directly (and politely)… to take a better photo of her and she rather rudely blew me off with an obnoxious dismissal/wave of the hand.
    What’s my point? I don’t have one, really. But the asking didn’t help any. And that was to get a pic of her face, not her @$$.

  5. Nice pics! My bestie Psykitten is the Catwoman/Flash that you took pictures of – but please, don’t take photos from behind without asking first.


    – Roxanna, aka Gaga and Batgirl

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