Crash! At The 2010 San Diego Comic Con Part 6 (More Costumes)

More SDCC costumes!Here is one of the many Predators walking around; a bunch of them in one big group.

I’m pretty sure these were homemade outfits. Pretty impressive.

I don’t know what this is, but it was getting lots of hugs….

Mr. Glass from Unbreakable.

Woody and Jessie at the Toy Story LEGOs display….

Here’s a pretty good Wolverine I got a pic of when the Sea of Predators parted for a brief instant.


A very theatrical female Joker.

Here she is again with some other DC folks…

And one more…. I just noticed Supergirl there at the other end. It’s amazing what you miss at SDCC even when you’re staring right at it….

no idea who this guy was….

A cute Psylocke at the Marvel booth.

Tomb Raider again….

And another of her with some DC types…

Not sure who this was, but he doesn’t look gereric….

A gaggle of Trekkies… or Trekkers…

And another wider shot at the Star Wars: Clone Wars display…

And a trio shot of Trek…

The girl at the Heavy Metal Booth…

The guy in the red robe…

Here was an AWESOME Red Sonja that was across the room when I was in line to embarrass myself in front of Chris Claremont… hence the grainy photo…


More Anime types. They did this a lot…

… when they weren’t doing this…

Members of the Lantern Corps…

Another bad picture, This time it’s Captain America at the Marvel booth….

More poor cropping on my part….

These guys had a website… They gave me a card. They’re Steam Powered Giraffe, the musical pantomime Troupe.  Check them out at

Another member of the same troupe…

Another shot of Darth Vader….

Another Harley Quinn, a Joker in drag and the green Star Wars chick….

A whole group of folks that I don’t know who they’re dressed as. I think the guy in the middle was at the review area as a volunteer…

Black Canary and Green Arrow! I got several of these 2….

Super Mario! Got another of him later…

A (generic?) goth girl while I was still in that line for ‘V’….

…and an Iron Man from the same spot….

One of the Ghostbusters! There were a few of them walking around, possibly there with the car…

The Elvis Stormtrooper! And he had the voice, too.

One of the last pix I took on the Dealers floor.  This girl was fun. I have no idea who the character is, though.

Spider-Man among others standing in line at the Marvel booth….

One of the cutest girls at the entire convention. At first I thought she was carrying a Pikachu, instead of the Yellow bear theme….

This probably the best pic I got of the Afro-centric Captain America…. I tried and tried… My photography skills are on par with my art skills I guess….

Green Lantern was popular this year….

Another shot of the AMAZING Ariel from the Little Mermaid…. (EDIT: Isn’t this Christy Marie? The girl that in years past has gone as THE Slave Leia? I’m pretty sure it is…)

Snake Eyes, slightly blurry…

This guy’s happy…

Needless to say, two SDCC favorites…

Still have plenty more photos to post…. I’ll post some of the celebrity stuff next….


2 Responses to “Crash! At The 2010 San Diego Comic Con Part 6 (More Costumes)”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks! And she DOEs have the blue hair…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    cool shots.. in the photo cap’ed “Green Lantern was popular this year….” isn’t that a marge simpson?

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