Crash! At The San Diego Comic Convention Part 5 (Comic Artists And Writers)

I didn’t get to see as many artists as I would have liked to. I guess I wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be (even forgot my schedule on Saturday). But I said when I went, if I meet Neal Adams I’d be happy….

Neal and son...

I did, so… I’m happy. I don’t know if he actually ever looked up. He was signing a lot. He did say “That’s interesting” to me while he signed this:

I’ll never sell this. It’s one of those childhood treasures I guess. Kind of hard to convey that to someone in the middle of the biggest comic convention in the world. Here’s a closer look at his autograph…

I also got some other signatures… I’ve already mentioned Chris Claremont… He signed a raggedy copy of Wolverine #1 for me and I was a jackass.

I couldn’t get any words out except gibberish when I met him. Then when I did, I overstepped my bounds and asked a couple of very rude John Byrne questions. I regret not getting back in line to apologize as much as I regretted saying that stuff. What can I say? I have a wooden noggin in most instances….

This was the first panel we sat through (a DC panel). Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, and Jeannette Kahn were there,but for me it was really cool to see Jerry Robinson, Denny O’Neil and big bad Jim Lee.

Pretty amazing seeing someone like  Jerry Robinson, from the beginnings of DC, to Jim Lee, representing the current DC, sitting side by side.

I later saw Robinson at his artist’s alley table. He was sitting right next to Al Wiesner.

Maybe my favorite panel I sat through, though, was the Quick Draw panel.

The panel featured legendary MAD artist Sergio Aragones, William Stout, MC Mark Evanier and one of my childhood heroes Scott Shaw! (of CaptainCarrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew).

They were projecting each artist’s page onto their own big screen so that you could see each artist’s progress in drawing whatever Evanier threw at them. They also had some ‘special guests’ like Peter David and Len Wein.

Sergio deadpanned with Mark throughout and proved why he’s call the World’s fastest cartoonist. Not just for the speed at which he draws, but for how fast his mind works. There were several moments where the other cartoonists would still be doodling their first drawing and Evanier would be ordering Sergio to continue to draw another idea… and another…  sometimes 6 or 7 to their one.

I laughed for the entire hour.

You had to be there….

I think the best part was when they brought the 2 writers up.

Peter David played to the crowd and got a lot of laughs…. And yes, that little speck at the bottom of the photo is Peter David.

I also sat through a panel devoted to comics Icon Stan lee… The MC?

Todd McFarlane!  I guess they needed someone who could gab as much as Stan can. That hour whizzed by pretty quick. Todd and Stan were playing to the crowd and exchanging barbs throughout.

Then, I got some better (closer) photos of Stan when he was signing for folks in the Exhibitor’s Hall…

I met Jim Valentino. He was very cool and he reviewed my portfolio for me. He also signed my SDCC pass. I should’ve gotten a pic with him. But, I don’t think straight sometimes… I managed to calm down for the next guy (Erik Larsen). I have to say I was ecstatic about seeing 4 of the Image founders at this.

Erik reviewed my portfolio, also, and I bought a copy of the black and white reprints of the early Savage dragon issues (which I already have). But Erik was very cool and said a few things that would help me with my drawin’…. When he got up he was taller than I thought he was… but it was a thrill meeting him. Didn’t tell him this, but way back  in the late 90s when I first tried breaking into comics (at Dragon Con), I drew the Savage Dragon for my sample pages. My version of the Dragon wasn’t half as good as his, though.

There were a ton of artists that were there. As i said, I missed a lot of them that I wanted to see, but saw a few that I wasn’t expecting like Ernie Chan…

And writer Brian Michael Bendis, who I saw twice. Once at the Marvel booth (with a long line) and once in a hall where I wasn’t supposed to be. I should’ve jumped on that and asked  for an autograph, but he probably would’ve called security.

There was another writer (I think he’s a writer) named Sean Kelly (I believe that’s what he said) at the Marvel booth. When I was trying to find out where to drop off my Marvel portfolio submission package, he helped try to find out who I needed to talk to….

Okay, this girl tricked me (admittedly, not hard to do). I asked if I could get a picture of her and she said “Sure, if you buy a comic”… and I said “Okay”. Sounded reasonable. So I took the pic (a bad one /slightly blurred) and said asked how much… “Twenty bucks.” What? I told her she tricked me. She said ‘comic’, I heard her. Twenty bucks is the cost for a ‘trade’ not a singular comic book. I didn’t agree to that. I agreed to a comic book, which in my mind is in the price range of  $1.99 to 5 bucks…. But I didn’t want to argue. I just said ‘Okay’…  She was nice enough though, and she introduced me to the writer (Barry Wernick, I think) and artist, so I let it go…. But dirty trick.

The TRADE is called Bad Kids Go To Hell. I haven’t read it yet. That’ll have to wait for now. They have a website if you want to check it out yourself:

Maybe I’ll review it later or something. So far I’ve refrained from reviewing comics, so I’ll have to think about that.

The biggest moment (other than meeting Neal Adams) was when I met Adam Hughes…

I’ve been around him twice before, but this was the first time I actually shook his hand. I’m not sure who the girl in the Aquaman hoodie was, but she was fun to talk to, also. A friend of mine thought it was his wife.

Here’s Adam at work on the headshot of Catwoman for me…. I had an 11″ X 14″ pad of Bristol that I asked him to draw on, but told him he didn’t have to fill the page up. He was drawing smaller sketches for everyone and I’m not special. But he filled the page up, anyway.

Here’s the sketch. He was doing sketches for a 5 dollar donation to a dog charity that may or may not have been for his dogs (LOL). I think I gave him a little extra. Compare that to this, though:

I missed Rob at the Con.

My friend thought the guy in the middle of the above pic was Rob, but no…. I still wanted to get something signed by him even if I wouldn’t be able to get a sketch. And this isn’t aimed at Rob, because I don’t know if he would have charged for his signature, but there was a… I don’t know… an overwhelming feeling of greed at the con. I’m kind of shocked that I had to pay someone 5 bucks to sign something of theirs that I’ve owned for years and years. You’d think that initial purchase of their work would be enough to get them to sign something for you. But, nope. And don’t get me started on some of the celebrities that had hired goons ‘blocking’ people from taking their photo without paying a fee. One of the good guys, Chris Claremont, was actually signing for free; a remarkable act of nobility at the Con. And he’s the one I pissed off by sticking my Size 13 shoe in my vast gaping mouth. Go figure.

More pix to come….


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