Crash! At The San Diego Comic Con Part 4 (More Costumed Congoers)

I’ll start with the best live action Supergirl I’ve ever seen.

Some of you may say “Hey! What about Helen Slater, moron?!” Helen did make for a really  good Supergirl…. Why? She was blonde. And she was HOT.  My case for the girl from the SDCC: Blonde. Check. HOT while being cute as a button. Check. Supergirl hair style. Check. Big smile. Check. Sorry Helen. And the girl from the SDCC made her own costume (as far as I know).

Okay, after Supergirl, it’s all downhill from here, but there were still a lot of pretty good ones. Here’s one of several Robins that were there. This was the Toon version, if I’m not mistaken….

Here’s a well done outfit with working lights. I wish I would’ve taken some better photos. You can see the Zelda girl in the background (I think I posted her pic already).

Not sure who the girl with the female Cap was supposed to be… Zombie Wasp? Let me know if you know.

Not sure who this was… looked kind of like the Last Airbender, but not…

I kept seeing this Anime group (especially the guy with the yellow hair and orange pants… Isn’t that from Dragonball Z?).

Dr. Horrible and….?

Not sure who this guy was, either….

A cute Goth type….

A guy wearing one of the Saw deathtraps.

Here’s a mime who started juggling when the Japanese Anime/Manga dancing broke out once again. We saw you talking dude!

Another Anime guy walking through the lobby where all of the Anime types seemed to hang out.

I think this girl worked at one of the booths.

A nice headshot zombie in front of the Walking Dead booth. I got him in a few photos I think.

Another favorite. I’m not sure what Anime/manga character she was dressed as, but she had a great ‘tude going when she posed. She was taking photos, also and was nice enough to stop so I could get a pic of her. What a cutie… Here’s who we were both taking pix of right before I asked to get her pic:

There were 2 of these guys walking around together….

This girl was putting her boots on when I walked by, but I waited and got a photo. Not sure if it was a ‘generic’ costume or not.

Here was a very cool Scarecrow (from the Nolan films) trailed  by what looks to be a female Joker (I could be wrong, though). I took this while waiting in line for the ‘V’ panel (which we never made it into). What aggravates me is that I had tried to get a pic of this particular Silk Specter from Watchmen earlier and I didn’t even notice that she was walking with the Scarecrow. There were enough people walking back and forth that you would sometimes miss the costumed types until they were walking right by you.

More from the Marvel booth. The 4 year old Thor that was in this costume contest kicked this Thor’s butt. I couldn’t get a picture of him, though. He was too short and I couldn’t get the camera high enough.

And the Silver Surfer….

Not sure who this is, but he must be a Marvel character.

Here’s a terrible photo of a female Hawkeye. You have to understand I was taking these photos by holding the camera as high as I could over my head. A lot of them didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked….

loki and this guy was the biggest ham at the con. he was hilarious. Wish I had video.

A great shot of a zombie that was walking by (again, when I was in line for ‘V’)… I don’t think she wanted me taking her picture, but if you don’t want your picture taken at the SDCC, don’t dress like a zombie.

These 2 were great. They were headed to the same panel I was and stopped and posed for me. Love the hand pose by Jinx from the Teen Titans cartoon.

Both of these guys were impressive, especially the Morpheus. With the glasses he looked remarkably like a (younger) Laurence Fishburne.

A soldier just hanging out (from the ‘V’ line).

A girl in an anime costume getting change out of her bag at a pizza/sandwich vendor…

A familiar guy….

I would’ve liked to get more of this group, but I think this was one of the times I was running from one end of the convention center to the other.

I got a couple of these guys… One of the Green Lanterns and….?

Never could get a good shot of this guy. He was always turning away, walking away or saluting when I snapped the picture….

One of several Cylons that were lurking about.

I rudely asked this Joker if I could get a picture while he was trying to buy pretzels, but he was nice enought to pose for me. He wasn’t the image of the skinny  pointy nosed Joker from the comics, but he was very imposing as the Clown prince of Crime. I didn’t get a good shoot when he was smiling widely. He definitely could play a very sinister looking Joker, though. When he turned around I was like “Wow.” This was a Joker that could really scare the hell out of you. I passed him a couple of times and should have more photos.

Here’s a Riddler (with Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame in the background). I think this was at the end of my first day there (on Thursday).

Another Anime guy. This guy looked familiar for some reason….

A couple of steampunk style ladies…. In line for ‘V’ and they passed by (it was a loooong wait).

Another ‘V’ line pic…. I didn’t ‘lead’ the target properly and only got the dude in the pic… I don’t think she was dressed as anything anyway, though…. I’m thinking this was Ash (with S-Mart rifle)….

Snake eyes and friend (V-Line)….

Black Cat, Spider-Man and an X-Man…. Black Cat was a little tire I think after a long day.She was nice enough to get up for the pix.

Cyclops! Most people think Cyclops is a boring character, but he was always one of my favorites (especially in the Byrne years). This is the Jim Lee version. And since we’re on the Jim Lee X-Men….

Rogue! (And she kind of looks like Anna Pacquin. Rogue’s my favorite X-type.

I was hoping to see a Black Costume Rogue (the one with the green T-shirt, gloves and shoes), but no…. (I drew that BTW)…

It’s time for spontaneous Anime/Manga dancing!!!The White Queen and the Black Widow posed for me (yes, still in the ‘V’ line).

There were many coordinated couples like this zombie couple. They were funny, too.

Not sure who this was. Cool, though.

Leisure suit Vader and Fett with the Headshot Zombie…

When franchises collide: an authentic looking Boushh (or Leia in disguise) posing with a very believable Gandalf the Grey…

A Marvel Booth group shot: I see a Bucky, a Deadpool, a Captain America or 2, either a Valkyrie or a female Thor and maybe a female Loki (I think).

Here’s a slightly better pic of he group with Rogue, thunderbird and the astounding War Machine who I don’t think that they could ever actually get up onstage. There were a lot of people saying he looked better than what was in the Iron Man 2 movie. I thought so, too.

More Anime girls in the Ballroom lobby….

Whew! More photos in future posts…

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