Crash! At The San Diego Comic Con Part 3 (Displays)

There were tons of things to see at the 2010 SDCC… Here’s some of them…

The car from the Green Hornet was parked in front of the Convention Center.

The Walking Dead booth. I saw Kirkman at another booth, I believe.

Lots of Predators items… I also saw at least 5 Predator costumes, too. 4 or 5 of them walking around together.

Loved this giant Eerie/Creepy banner….

There was tons of cool stuff like these little guys.

The giant Voldemort statue…

The Ghostbusters car… And a not too bad live action movie version Aeon Flux, too…

I think this is Odin’s throne that was at the Marvel booth.

And the helmets. These were much more impressive in person than from those movie stills on the heads of the actors.

And more Thor….

The LEGOS Harry Potter display…

The insanely cool Tron bike….

The Image display where I met a couple of the Image founders….

The gargantuan Neytiri display…

With matching toys…

More LEGOS fun.

There were some incredibly detailed  (movie related) statues there like this one…

… and this one…
..and these….

The Bumblebee Mustang….

And the Bumblebee robot….

These toys were much cooler than the movie….

There was an abundance of Terminator skeletons and busts scattered about….

Have no idea what this was for, but it was pretty amazingly detailed….

It was really hard to take it all in…. TOO MUCH to see.
And right before getting on the shuttle to go back to the hotel, the General Lee drove by….

Of course I have plenty more pics of people in costumes…. Here’s a few more…

I’m assuming someone was actually in this R2D2. It was authentic to say the least. And I could be wrong but I think the girl kneeling in the background who was walking around as one of the best Supergirls you’ll ever see. I have pictures…

More costumed folks in my next post….


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