Crash! At The San Diego Comic Con Part 2 (Costumes)

I took quite a few pix of people in costume… The Cosplayers…. So without further adieu….

There’s some really bad pictures that I took, but there’s a decent one or two also….

There seemed to be an awful lot of siting in one lace for all of the Anime crowd. They just wanted thir picture taken, I think.

A Comic Convention without a Klingon just isn’t a comic convention. This was one of the friendlier Klingons you’ll ever meet. he didn’t even want to kill me or nothin’. At least he never said so. This was the first pic I took on Friday. That was the Day of the Migraine.

These kids were all sitting in the hall against a wall looking really tired and bored. I asked to take a pic of them and they were all nice enough to let me do that.  Love the girl on the right.

A pretty darn good Batman.

This girl was OUTSTANDING! She even helped pick the angle so that I wouldn’t be shooting into the light. I should’ve asked to take more. BTW, she’s Zelda, right? I’m not a big game person….

I took a picture of this guy (and the cute zombie victim) one day….

Then he showed up like this the next night…. Seemed like a pretty nice guy. I saw him with the same half-smile every where he went. I also saw him having his picture taken with someone’s 4 year old.

Hawkgirl (and Supergirl in the background), both attended the Stan Lee Panel. I think the Spartacus Panel also. She was very nice, too.

Not sure who she’s supposed to be… She wore the costume well, though.


The Super Family…

I’m assuming manga….

I took a bunch of photos while waiting in line for the ‘V’ panel (never made it… ended up in ‘Fringe’). Here’s one of Darth and Boba in liesure suit attire. I got more of ’em.

Harley Quinn and…? When these 2 walked in the big Ballroom, they got a lot of attention. I probably took more pix of them than any other costumed types. Why?  One, they were really hot. Two, they were completely into the characters. I’ll post more of them later….

Monster Toast… Or something….

Kick Ass! Have to say I read the collected series. Didn’t like it. Huge gaping holes of logic. Sold itself on ‘superheroes in the real world’ which they weren’t. Didn’t see the movie, either. This guy (and others) had believablely authentic costumes, though.

I assure you that there are 2 camouflaged soldiers in this picture. You might have to squint.

I think this is Blue Devil. Not the Jose Garcia-Lopez/Paris Cullins version, but, cool anyway….

Characters from Tim Burton movies… There was also a really great Ed Scissorhands that I didn’t get a shot of…

The Enchantress and Ragman. I tried and tried and tried to get a good pic of the Enchantress, but I kept cropping her out. One of my favorite villains from DC, too.

I think this is Poison Ivy, a Star Wars chick, a Harley Quinn, and possibly the Riddler.


That ‘Bat’ guy again… Also a pretty good one.

More leisure suit Vader and Fett.

Catwoman and Batgirl.  Darn the luck that I got such a terrible angle…. Just… darn it.

Marvel had a Costume Contest… This was Cloak & Dagger…

I guess the cotestant wasn’t satisfied with just playing Cloak, so after one of those staged style whispers he became:

The Old Spice Guy…. That’s not a Marvel character is it? Or does Disney make deodorant, also?

Big creepy stuffed animals with victims….

A hapless ‘Saw’ victim.

A repost of my favorite Poison Ivy….

Here’s another redhead. I think this is Ariel from the Little mermaid… Ummm…. I like her. I REALLY like her. Just wow….

Here’s another one of those zany spontaneous dance sessions that kept breaking out. Very cute girl leading the way….

Lucky dude posing between the female versions of the Flash and the Punisher. The Flash was really into the posing. I saw her running around a lot. I wanted to get some more pix of her, but she was just too fast.

Very cool group of DC types… Another good Catwoman. I like that one of the Guardians Of The Galaxy had his own Con Bag.

The front view of Catwoman and Batgirl with a female Two Face. Is that Harley Dent?

The Creeper! One of favorite characters as a kid. And a spiffy Supergirl.

Who is this supposed to be? Is he from Star Trek? Buck Rogers?

I have no idea who these two were, butI really liked the one on the right. Very cool look.

I’m not sure who these characters were, either. if anyone knows, please let me know.

Got this shot of the Invisble Girl while I was in line for pizza….

Joker, Harley and….? I like the hand pose….

I don’t who the character was supposed to be, but I love this girl. She was awesome. The guy behind her should;ve gone as the SkyPilot from the Road Warrior.

Another awful pic. I was having to hold the camera up over my head and the lighting wasn’t the best.

More Anime types….

Another blurry photo…

Tomb Raider! She was fairly busy with all of the photo requests. Note the DC types in the background….

Thunderbird at the Marvel booth….

Three more Anime (?) babes… They were pretty impressive in person.

Another angle….


Meet the Shreks….

Black Cat, Spider-Man, an X-Type and another Joker. I’ve got more of them….

More spontaneous dancing….

One of several very impressive looking  Predator aliens that were lumbering around.

One of 2 bodacious Slave Leia’s that I got pix of. I know there were more of them out and about, though.

Here’s a good one. I think this girl’s name was Jessica. She was going as on of those cute Anime babes.

Captain America… Or is it Michael Cera? Hmmmm….

Lacigam dna… Emosewa si lrig siht! Annataz si siht eveileb I

And more leisure suit Fett and Vader just moving along….

More tomorrow….


6 Responses to “Crash! At The San Diego Comic Con Part 2 (Costumes)”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    “they asked for it.”

    Yeah, some more than others LOL. I felt bad for some of the folks with the full helmets/masks. I saw one or 2 that had their masks off and looked a little overcooked. I think luckily, San Diego was getting some cool weather, though….

    “As for being friendlier I think it has to do with location, East coast is less relaxed.”

    Yes. And California WAS California. VERY laid back.

    “We should keep in touch.”

    Sure, I’ll do that. I don’t have a account, but the twitter and youtube friend things are on the way.

  2. Crash! Landen Says:

    Sheik! I tried taking 3 pictures of her and only the one in line of her ‘took’. I either got a ‘BUSY’ message on the camera or a shot of the ceiling (my flash was so delayed).

    Very cool pictures, BTW. It’s fun to see pix of people that I saw in the crowds there and to get to see some of the costumed folks that I missed. I was amazed at the amount of artistry and detail that went into a lot of the costumes. I’m easily blown away by real world three dimensional art anyway. Everything at SDCC qualifies as that kind of art.

    I know what you mean about the attention thing. I felt bad about asking more than a few people for pictures because they were trying to walk and about every 3 steps someone else would ask for a picture. I actually passed on asking to take a few pictures, because of that.

    And a ‘meet up’ would be cool, but…. Are they even sure it’s still going to be in San Diego? Me and a friend of mine got tickets in one of those hotel package deals at the last minute for this one. Maybe I won’t wait to commit so long for next year.

    It was my first SDCC, too. I had gone to Dragon Con in Atlanta a few years ago, but it was nothing like San Diego. I had a lot more fun at this one. The people in San Diego (and Houston for that matter) seemed to be a lot friendlier than the people I met in Atlanta…. You seemed like an old hand at it, though, with the willingness to pose ‘in character’. The poses in costume made for much better pictures. My favorite non-poser was the younger Joker (who I posted somewhere) who acted bored (hands at side, eyes towards the ceiling) and would ‘sigh’ after you’d take his picture. He was funny.

    But my friend would have loved to get pics of/with the Dr. Who group. He and his 8 year old daughter watch Dr. Who together, I think… {And I’m glad that you went as the BEST Dr. Who (IMHO). ;)}

    The photography thing was just for fun. I think I’d get 1 good photo per 50 that I took. I don’t think I took enough, either. I went to SDCC with the intention of getting my portfolio looked at and got a few decent photos (my fave being the Erik Larsen pic looking at my art). I was glad most of the people walking around were nice enough (like you were) to let me take a shot or two. Next year, I hope to have a camera that doesn’t take 10 seconds to snap a photo.

    • Hey, don’t be afraid to ask for pictures no matter how annoyed they look lol that’s really the whole reason they wore that costume in the first place, they asked for it.

      As far as we know they have no plans to move Comic Con and even if they did if you bought tickets it would be good even if they moved. But yes, get a good camera 🙂 I dunno how recently you bought one but decent digitals aren’t too expensive anymore. And if you get one with video that’s even better 😉

      As for being friendlier I think it has to do with location, East coast is less relaxed.

      We should keep in touch. If you google Aubery Mirkwood you should find me easy on or etc and you can message or friend me.

  3. I did manage to spot me in one those pics lol thanks for letting me know. I can help you out with one thing, “A girl in an anime costume getting change out of her bag at a pizza/sandwich vendor…” That girl is actually the character Sheik and that character is from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 🙂 She was there for the Legend of Zelda cosplay group meeting that you caught Batman and I right after 🙂 Ok, technically Batman is not part of Zelda but we still enjoyed posing attacking him 😛 I think I might try to get him to wear a Zelda themed costume next year, we’ll see.

    Believe it or not this was not only my first Comic Con, it was my first Con of any kind, and my first time cosplaying for real. I must say I was over whelmed by the attention my costumes got, I really didn’t expect that. I am defiantly going to try and go again next year.
    I will be wearing my “Doctor Who” and “Link” again and I’m working on a “Faun” and “Batgirl” costume for next year. If you really do want more pictures maybe next year we can schedule a quick meet up or I could let you know I’ll be at a group meeting. I dunno how into photography you are but you might enjoy showing up to some of the cosplay meetings and taking pictures. Lol, I normally had to try and spot someone hanging out with the group but not in costume to hand my camera if I wanted pictures. I went to a Doctor Who cosplay group were around thirty of us showed up, and also the Zelda cosplay group which had about ten, however it was one of the biggest they’ve had over the years.

    Here’s some the pictures I took. You might especially enjoy the groups. Zelda cosplay group Doctor Who cosplay group

    And then these are just the pictures managed to get of a few of the people who asked for pics with me

    And the other pictures I took.

    If you have to buy tickets remember to keep an eye for them going on sale, the four day passes sold out in 24 hrs last time and they sold them in October.

  4. Crash! Landen Says:

    Hi Aubery! Nice to meet you (sort of through the ‘intra-nets’…). You were like an action heroine with the poses, you were! Sorry about my character confusion. I was completely lost at trying to identify some of the anime, manga and video game characters.

    And yes! I had a GREAT time out there in San Diego and do hope to go next year. I think I’ll feel less like a ping pong ball knowing what to expect next time. I even kept my ‘foot in mouth’ moments to a minimum (I’m SORRY Mr. Claremont!!!). Long way off, though….

    And it looked like you were having a great time, too! BTW, I think I got you in one other photo I posted (albeit in the background). On this page:
    You’re very blurry in that one, though. I wish that I could have gotten a better pic of you. I appreciated the fact that you were ‘into it’ with the posing. I took my worst photos of the people who were most ‘in character’ (I managed to crop your arm out of thepic and you were RIGHT IN FRONT of me… Arrggghhhh! ). Again, hopefully I’ll make it out there next year and have another go at it.

  5. Lol, Hi! I was from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” but I was actually dressed as the female version of the main character Link. 🙂 Looks like you had lots of fun at The Con, planning on going again next year?

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