The San Diego Experience 2010 Day 2

It was another extremely long day. Started out real slow and I got a couple of kicks to the crotch early. The Portfolio Review thing was first and I was resoundingly blasted my first 2 tries. They did sort of a lottery to determine who talked to the different artists. Out of 9 or 10 that I wanted to talk to, I managed to only get selected for 4. One of them was 2nd to last out of 45…. I think it took that group about 3 hours to get to #20.  Anyway, the first 2 decided I wasn’t quite ready for work. The third company’s review went better.That may or may not lead to something good, but we’ll see. I never count any chickens.

All waiting to talk to the same 10 people.

I did have some decent moments. I enjoyed talking to an artist or 2. Ramon (Ramone? I’m too tired to get up and grab my wallet for his biz card) was cool and a decent portfolio that he was showing. He said he was having the same kind of morning that I was having, but was happy that I got something positive out of my third review. I hope he had the same kind of upswing. It’s tough being at a big convention like this one and to subject yourself to the kind of criticism that you’ll get. I understand it. They’re not trying to discourage you (I don’t think). Well, maybe a few are.

Wanted to meet Chris Claremont. Fan since I was a kid. Pissed him off. At least I think I did. Didn’t mean to. Aksed about him working with John Byrne and he appeared to not like that. The whole thing was awkward. I was extremely nervous. Much more so than the reviews even. Oh well. It’s not like it’s the first time that I stuck my foot in my wide gaping maw.

More pix. I didn’t have the greatest day with that either. The delay on the camera was killing me. Sometimes the camera worked, sometimes it didn’t. Here’s some of the ones that worked.

The BeeGirl! Loved the BeeGirl!

I missed an opportunity to try and talk to Erik Larsen. Here’s a pic, though.

Spontaneous Anime/Manga girls dance numbers! I’m not kidding. This was hilarious. A photographer dressed like the Mad Hatter summed this up perfectly:”WTF?”An awful pic of a really AWESOME Enchantress. I was trying to take pics carrying a portfolio, a backpack and abag and taking the pic with one hand….Not the way to do it….

Again, sorry Mr. Claremont…

Spartacus! Sat through this panel, because a friend wanted to see it. Of course, he sat through a chunk of the Review session… And the Stan Lee Panel hosted by the Toddler; Todd McFarlane (which wasjust unimagiably great stuff)…

This guy was great! He’s not really a Klingon… No, really. He was using the Review area to get the Klingon costume ‘completed’. Ihave a few more of him and the Cowboy behind him… I’ve got others that I’ll post when I have more time and am less tired. Tomorrow will be my last day at the Con before leaving for home on Sunday. Here’s one that was getting a lot of laughs. I caught them after one of their funnier poses. Damn camera flash delay….


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