San Diego Comic Con Photos 2010 Day 1 (Mine anyway)

I haves seen the world with new eyes…. And I’m not referring to Comic Con. My first plane trip to Houston… followed by my second trip to San Diego was just… well it’s difficult to put into words. The view was ridiculous. Again, I’ll have to think about it more. But it was awesome…

I met some nice people along the way…. Josh and Robin from Baltimore were nice at the Houston terminal. Robin was a pretty interesting girl… they were married I’m assuming, or at least ‘together’… Josh was helpful with his own experiences with Portfolio reviews. He was fairly encyclopedia-like with the comic knowledge (and the obscure stuff even). Anytime he was hung up on anything Robin filled in. I enjoyed the company in Houston.

When I boarded for the 2nd flight, I met Norm (from Arkansas) who was in San Diego to see family. He was an interesting dude, too. We talked a lot about planes in general… He was formerly in the navy (aircrew) and told me some cool stuff about avionics. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about that here. Anyway, that part was a 3 hour trip, but it flew by.

James Hooker of Cloud 9 Shuttle Service was a very cool guy. Really, the people of Houston and San Diego have been overly nice, so I figure that means my Review experience will have to be awful to balance things out.

A little crowded...

But the Comic Con Pix are what you’re here for aren’t you? My general rule was to take a pic of anyone with a costume, but I missed a few. I also generally asked first and was awfully awkward in doing so. I draw pictures dammit. I’m not a photographer.  The arrival to the Con was late afternoon so I missed a lot…But here’s some pix.

I went to a DC panel with some pretty big names. Levitz. Kahn. Didio. Johns. Denny O’Neil. Jerry Robinson. And of course big, bad Jim Lee.

The highlight for me was a brief Q&A where it was asked who was responsible for changing Wonder Woman which got a big smile from Jim Lee who looked like he was looking for someone to pick up a block for him.

Enjoyed the whole thing, though.

Maybe my favorite pic that I took. Cute girl that seemed to be having a really good time. You’d think that would be the case with everyone, but no. I saw LOTs of angry folks, especially when the day was winding down. Saw tears, Saw some frustration. Some lonely scifi stars… But a lot of fun, too.

Took this one while waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel. Gambit and Rogue . The girl looked a little annoyed, but if you don’t want people taking your picture, don’t show up at Nerdfest in full nerd attracting regalia.

This group seemed to be having a good time, too…

I made these kids get up. They were like a lot of Con goers finding a nice wall to rest ,next to after a long day.

This was a really cool display of Bumblebee of the Transformers. Had the car version, too.

Another favorite. Sorry I cropped your peace sign…. Great costumes.

Lots of cool displays…
A very cute Poison Ivy. One of my favorite Bat villains…
And  for my last post of the night, here’s a Yellw suit Wolverine. Whoever you are, dude, thanks for the pose. He saw me about to take the pic and immediately went into Wolverine claw mode. I guess I got the Saw puppet by default. I’ll post more later when I have a little more time. I’ll also post my Neal Adams signature. I’ll be happy for that even if I get BLASTED at the reviews…

2 Responses to “San Diego Comic Con Photos 2010 Day 1 (Mine anyway)”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Very cool! Nice meetin’ ypu Timon! And yeah, I have a ton more that I’ll probably be posting in the next few days (starting sometime today). I’m still recovering from the entire experience ATM…

  2. Timon Safaie Says:

    Hi Landen!

    Pretty awesome pic of Wolverine! That was me under the costume and I super glad that the picture turned out great! My brother Aryan was Billy, the Jig Saw puppet and we was creeping out everyone on the convention floor. Don’t hesitate to throw more pics up on your site if you got them.


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