Hiatus for My Blog For A Little While

For the most part anyway… I’ll wait until I’m actually there before I say that I’m going to be at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. They offered some more tickets here recently and I babbled my way into getting a friend of mine (and his family) to go out there with me (I would never have flown alone).  His wife booked the flight and hotel which I’ll be eternally grateful for, especially if anything comes of this. I’m not expecting chickens, though. I’ll expect the worst and just hope to get there in one piece. If ever the ‘Crash!’ namesake was a bad idea, it’ll be when I actually board a plane. I’m extremely acrophobic (fear of heights) so being on a plane is not my idea of a good time. I think the actual fear of flying is called something like aerophobia which applies to me, also.

So apparently I may not be in my favorite place to be around the 22-25. I’ll post stuff after I get back. That’s if I get there, then get back. I’ve got the ‘butterflies’ in the pit of my stomach as I type this.

I hope Neal will sign this for me...

Jim Lee… Neal Adams… Stan Lee (who I ALMOST met once before)… Wow. If I get the chance to meet them, I hope I don’t make an idiot of myself.

And maybe I'll get Stan to sign this before he ducks out of the con, like he did to me in Atlanta oh so many moons ago.

Or they turn out to be completely evil (which I don’t think is the case, but I’ve been slapped in the face with that cold fish before). So, anyway,  that’s all I have for now (at least until my predators and Inception reviews). Until then… Be good.


One Response to “Hiatus for My Blog For A Little While”

  1. Kenneth L. Manning Says:

    Just updated my YouTube comment about your clip of Dylan O’Leary’s 2001 local movie THIS DARKNESS: THE VAMPIRE VIRUS.

    So you’re a freelance cartoonist, too, huh. Thee and me! (Just can’t afford my own Website as yet.)
    I’m trying to get commissions for more original G-rated work, though—–like maybe illustrations for original children’s books. My forte’ is more in the old school Disney style of character animation.

    But my pet cause, (like you) is collecting and documenting Pensacola movies. Whether shot here on location by Hollywood, or completely homespun locally, or featuring people originally from the Northwest Florida area, I track ’em all. I also have a volunteer column called THE PENSACOLA CONNECTION in the Florida trade paper IN FOCUS. (You can find it at: http://www.fmpta.org )

    I used to live on Pensacola Beach, but now I live in Milton. Drop me a line sometime at the above email address, or call me at home: 1-850-983-7598.

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