Creepy Fun WIth Photoshop

Here’s a reposting of some photo-surrealistic-whatever you call it art that I originally did a couple of years ago. It’s been cropped, but you get the idea. When I reopen old files like this,I sometimes get the urge to continue piddling with it, especially when it’s something like this.

I also found some old textures that I created in college oh so many eons ago.

Looks yummy doesn’t it? I have fond memories of other students looking at my textures going “What is wrong with you?”

To continue,  after about 8 or 9 minutes I ended up with this. If I were to stumble on it a couple of years from now, I’m sure I’ll add some more to it. Ah, distractions. In any event, here’s the new version. Creepy? I dare say yes.


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