Big Numbers, Celebrity Death and Knowing When To Shut Up

200, ooo hits and counting… When I started out with this blog I just wanted to post some of my art (and maybe some movie reviews). My first post was just over a year ago (May 29th) and I didn’t have a whole lot to say other than stating that I was trying to figure out how to use ‘wordpress’.  I think I’ve got the hang of posting, but  I think the fun of ‘something new’ kind of got me going off in some wrong directions as far as what I was originally intending. Lately, I’ve been neglecting to post anything at all other than an odd movie review or movie ‘list’… Which is why (after noticing that I’ve gone over 200,000 hits) I’ve had to rethink what I’ve been doing here.

I don’t want to completely stop posting on anything except my ‘art’ (if anyone wants to call it that); I’ve got thoughts and suppositions just like the next guy. I also do that rare post when I’ve taken a photo of something that I liked (as above and below… and “Yes. The one above IS upside down. I like it that way.”). I’ll keep on writing ‘ reviews’ (and I use the term in a loose sense of the word), but I think I’ll focus more on the positives of  the film’s artistic merits and spend less time earnestly detailing the failings of ‘crap’  like ‘Splice’… That was negative, wasn’t it? It’s going to be hard…. And trying to rein myself in and use some brevity every now and again probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

That’s the point, though. Less talk. More art. I have decided to try and keep an ‘Art Posting Schedule’, which I have not done before. At least every other day, I’m going to try and post something new. I may post some older stuff too (which is what I’ll be doing today), however from here on out I will be posting at least one thing that will only be 1-2 days old. I’ll see if I can  keep that pace up. If I can post ’30 Characters In 30 Days’ (TM), I can do it bi-daily. So if anyone out there’s reading (Kara? Bob? Beau? Mike? Neil? Cary? Anyone?), expect something new on Tuesday the 8th. Maybe just a sketch, but it will be a return to posting art, which was the main point of the blog (slapping self in face repeatedly… then an eye gouge… then the ‘Stooge-esque’ winding punch under the chin).

I guess I would be remiss to offer up a word or 2 on recent celeb deaths, 2 of which I admired greatly. Not obituaries of their lives (you can get that elsewhere), just a quick comment of what these folks meant to myself (Note to self: Remember: BREVITY).

First, there was Art Linkletter, who was ‘A Llittle Before My time’, but I have seen lots of old TV clips of him and recognize his enormous influence on television.

Next was the sudden death of TV child star actor Gary Coleman. It was sad to occasionally see throughout the years news of the actor’s post-Different Strokes’ troubles with everything from his parents (who allegedly stole all of the money he made on the show), his height issues, alcoholism, etc all the way to his postmortem (which seems to be sounding starnger by the day)… Rest In Peace Gary.

Dennis Hopper. Wow. Was very saddened by his death.  I actually let out an “oh, noo!” when I saw that he had died. Just a few days before, I had watched ‘Red Rock West’ ( an early 90’s flick) for the first time (watched it a couple times, actually). It’s an absolute diamond that never got a wide release at movie theaters. I highly recommend it and think it’s one of Hopper’s best, playing a character similar in appearance to Hopper’s character in Blue Velvet. He’s made a lot of outstanding movies over the years and wrestled with (and overcome a few of) his own personal demons in full view of the public eye. I don’t really know a whole lot about that, though. I knew he was a photographer. Collected art. Was a bit of a wild man and drug abuser in his earlier years (and around the time he was acting in movies like Easy Rider) and became so much of a pain in Hollywood, he didn’t get a whole lot of work for about 7 years. I think that he entered drug rehab in the early 80s (apparently kicking the habit for good) and that’s when his career took off.  I don’t really care about all of that too much (except for the redemptive aspect of his life). I have loved a lot of the movies he’s been a part of, everything from his small roles in Hang ‘Em High, to off the beaten path projects like Chatahoochee, to the  sweet-tempered high school-period-underdog-basketball flick ‘Hoosiers’ (which may be my favorite Sports movie depending on what day you ask).

I’ll miss seeing Dennis Hopper at the movies.

And lastly, which has gotten the proper respect on the sports networks and shows: the death of legendary and iconic basketball coach John Wooden at age 99. Wooden retired from coaching after his 10th and final national title with the UCLA Bruins, but  remained a part of the basketball scene even up to the point of his death. Maybe the greatest of coaches in any sport, he was an even greater person off the hardwood. I sometimes tuned in to college basketball games because I knew that the halftime segment would have a feature or interview on Wooden. He was a walking quotationary, but his words of wisdom were always simple, to the point and easily understood. His book ‘Coach Wooden’s Leadership Game Plan for Success: 12 Lessons for Extraordinary Performance and Personal Excellence’ is worth reading even if you’re not a hoops fan.

Well, that was as brief as I could be. Brevity! It’s difficult.  I’ll have to work on it, I guess. Art posted on Tuesday, so lower all expectations, please.


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