Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Movies of 1990

Lats of the 90s. Never thought I’d get here…  Maybe it was because it was the start of a new decade, but 1990 had more than its share of great movies. I’m sure a good chunk of the ones that don’t make it on my Top 10 will still make my ‘100 Best Movies of the 90s’ list.

This is probably one of more mainstream lists. I guess the farther I go back the more mainstream they will be, with some exceptions. Probably, anyway…

Some of the many well made movies that didn’t make my Top 10: Back To The Future Part III (Robert Zemeckis sustained quality throughout the trilogy)… Lord of the Flies… Ghost… Quick Change (Bill Murray’s directorial debut if I’m not mistaken)… Memphis Belle (a really fun WW II flick ‘based on the true story’. Took a lot of artistic license, though)… Metropolitan ( a very surprising film about New York debutantes from a first time writer/director. Nothing but dialogue, but more interesting as it goes.) Die Hard 2 (decent follow uop to one of the best action flicks of all time)… Days Of Thunder… Dances With Wolves (nope, not in my Top 10)… Presumed Innocent (Was a great movie with a slightly hokie resolution…). The Grifters… And many, many more. On to my Top 10:

10 La Femme Nikita (Now in my Top 10. I can’t believe I EVER had Edward Scissorhands in my Top 10. It’s typical Burton which means it’s typically awful. And anyway, this movie has one of my favorite movie one-sheets.)

9 White Hunter, Black Heart (Eastwood does an outstanding John Huston impression throughout the movie.)
8 Total Recall (A great sci fi/Scwarzenegger vehicle using Phillip K. Dick source material. Thought provoking while just being fun.)
7 Joe Versus the Volcano (Very under-rated in my opinion. Had many very beautiful moments throughout. And Meg Ryan is great in several roles.)
6 Tremors (Another under-rated movie in my opinion about fast moving man eating slugs. Awesome premise… It really is a great movie, though. It’s intelligently written and logical within its own world of quirky characters. Like Darkman, an first rate movie with B-movie material.)
5 Darkman (When Sam finally got a big budget. A great mad scientist/crime/sci fi/action movie… Very entertaining movie.)
4 Misery (King’s take on obsessed fans. Or is it just fans in general?)
3 Hamlet (Mel Gibson drew criticism for his portrayal, but really was the first time where I understood Shakespeare. Same dialogue, but it was HOW he delivered the lines. A really good adaptation.)
2 Good Fellas (One of Scorsese’s best. He throws the 3 act structure out the window.)
1 The Hunt for Red October (A very well made movie in a number of regards. It’s a fictional story, but being a Tom Clancy movie, you get the idea that it could be non fiction. The detailing is beyond typical movies of this ilk. The characters and the actors are closer to their real world counterparts. There are many opportunities where actors have the chance to go ‘over the top’ and they reel themselves in. Scott Glenn’s performance as the American Sub captain is representative of the entire production. Sean Connery is at his coolest as the Russian Captain Ramius and Alec Baldwin is for me in his best role as Jack Ryan. He should have come back for the sequels.)

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