Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 1992

Almost to the end of the 90s… I guess I wasn’t as selective way back when and there was a smorgasbord of cheaply made cheap looking cheap thrill cheap crap movies to choose from. I’m probably going to barf when I look back at the movies I’ve seen from the 80s.

Here are the standard flicks that ‘missed the cut’. Split Second.  Single White Female. The Lawnmower Man. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Stay Tuned. Bob Roberts. Innocent Blood! Beethoven! Rock-a-Doodle! Rock-a-Doodle!!! They go on and on in 1992. Maybe I just had no taste, but in my own defense, most of these were not MY choice. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta’ do. There might even be a watchable movie or 2 on my list, but I would never own up to it. Moving right along…

UPDATE: I recently saw the Clive Barker stinkfest that is Candyman. At first I thought I was going to insert it into 1992’s Top 10, but after looking throught the list…. Candyman’s a stinker, but nowhere close to the disasters and borefests below. So I’ll just mention Candyman so that you won’t end up a victim like me….

Here are 1992’s bottom of the barrel.

10 Poison Ivy

9 Pet Sematary Two

8 Cool World

7 The Cutting Edge

6 Braindead

5 Sleepwalkers

4 Mo’ Money

3 Three Ninjas

2 Dr. Giggles

1 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot


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