Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 1993

The further I go back the more movies I find that I liked, but are still uncompromisingly bad. There are a few in this 10 that are personal guilty pleasures, but I won’t say which. Like in any other year there may be MANY movies that deserve to be on a worst list more than some of these, but these are from my own pool of viewed movies.
Movies that didn’t quite make the list… The wretchedly bad ‘My Life’ that maybe deserves to make the Top (or Bottom) 10… The awful sequel ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’… The brain-dead ‘Ghost In The Machine’… There are others…. Happy to say this is another year where a ‘true’ horror movie didn’t make my Worst 10.(Bumped) Sliver
(Bumped… But it’s still TERRIBLE.) Super Mario Bros.
10 The Crush
9 The Vanishing
8 Weekend at Bernie’s II
7 Time Runner (How did Mark Hamill go from Star Wars to this?)
6 Mr. Nanny
5 The Meteor Man
4 Leprechaun
3 Cop and a Half (One of Roger Ebert’s worst calls…)
2 Robocop 3 (Maybe the worst third film of any film trilogy. I’m including the true crap, too, like  Jaws 3, Howling II:The Marsupials, Ghoulies III:Ghoulies Go To College, and The Godfather 3. It makes Terminator III look like a Best Film contender.)
1 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (A feminist monstrosity.)

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