Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Movies of 1994

Getting right to business… Movies that didn’t quite make my list: Star Trek Generations, The Professional (Léon), The Hudsucker Proxy, The War, Some Folks Call It A Slingblade (later remade as Sling blade)…
I also have to add Jackie Chan’s Jui kuen II (Legend Of Drunken Master) which for me has at least 2 of the best martial arts action sequences ever put to film. The story and acting are terrible, but you kind of expect that in a Jackie Chan movie. The action scenes are well worth it. The sequence where Chan reluctantly fights a foe beneath a train is a joy to watch. Then, there is a sequence where Chan and an ally take on what seems to be an ENTIRE freaking town. For me, this is Chan’s best movie. Sure, he’s been in a movie or 2 with a better story. The ‘Shanghai’ movies… The Forbidden Kingdom was fun.. But LODM features Chan at his most inventive. Great stuff…
So, anyway,  here are my Top 10….
Maverick  (Bumped by King George)
(Bumped) The Crow
(Bumped)  The River Wild
10 Four Weddings and a Funeral
8 Death And The MAiden
8 The Madness Of King George
7 Heavenly Creatures
6 True Lies
5 Pulp Fiction
4 Hoop Dreams
3 Quiz Show
2 Forrest Gump

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