Crash! Landen’s Worst Movies of 1994

This is a truly horrible list and by horrible I mean I think it’s a good list of awful movies that were released in 1994. I’m very happy to say that there are no horror movies on one of my Worst lists for once… That’s unless you count any movie with Rosie O’Donnell in it a horror movie… Okay, so this has one horror movie. The others on the list… Well, I can’t believe I actually watched some of these. One of these was a fairly large hit (Stargate) and another was embraced by critics (The Last Seduction). Not for me, though.
Others that didn’t quite make the list: One of the most hyped crapfests of the 90s…Blankman (the Wayans Brothers are relentlessly terrible at the movies), Richie Rich, City Slickers II, The Scout (where Brendan Fraser plays a MLB pitching prospect… trouble is Fraser looks like he’s never even heard of this ‘baseball’ thing. The ONLY less believable pitcher in Film History was Tim Robbins in Bull Durham)…Reality Bites (where the girl ends up with the WRONG guy… watch that movie and try to tell me I’m wrong). There are a mass of other ‘winners’ from 1994 (Surviving the Game!), but I’ll get on with things.
Here’s my 10 Worst from 1994:
10 Stargate
9 When a Man Loves a Woman
8 The Specialist
7 Milk Money
6 Disclosure
5 Serial Mom
4 Clean Slate
3 The Last Seduction
2 The Flintstones
1 Exit to Eden

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