Crash! Landen’s Top 10 Films of 1995

I’m halfway through the good ones. 1995 was top heavy it seems. Once I got past my first 10 there seemed to be a dramatic drop in quality. Sure there were a few good ones, but overall, it was a lackluster year for Hollywood. Here’s a few good ones that I liked, but didn’t make the list: ‘Dolores Claiborne’, which was a pretty good Stephen King movie… I loved the first movie that I saw Kate Beckinsale act in: ‘Haunted’, which had a very similar story and twist-ending to the Sixth Sense. But this one was first. And no, I didn’t just give the movie away. It’s not what you think… The Hitchcock homage ‘Nick of Time’ with Johnny Depp  wasn’t well-received but I liked it. Walken was great in it… ‘Strange Days’ was a good try. ‘Bang ‘ was a very interesting little indie movie that had a bit part by a then somewhat unknown Lucy Liu…. Nope. No ‘The Usual Suspects’. I’ve always seen that one as HIGHLY over-rated. I was biased by the trailer before seeing this, though. The trailer that they were showing before this came out actually revealed a MAJOR plot point, so I have to wonder if I would have liked it more if I had not seen that trailer.

There were a few other pretty good movies like the kids’ movie ‘A Little Princess’ which was made by the same company that had made a few live-action kid s’ classics like ‘the Secret Garden’ (if I remember right). Sam Raimi’s ‘The Quick and The Dead’. The Lovecraftian ‘In The Mouth of Madness’ by John Carpenter… ‘Welcome to The Dollhouse’ was a pretty good try, but kind of mean-spirited… And I think this was the first time a Jackie Chan film got a wide release in America (Rumble In The Bronx). Terrible story as always, but the Jackie Chan action sequences more than make up for that…

Maybe 1995 wasn’t so bad once I got past the first 10… Anyway, here’s the list with little to no comment:

(Bumped)  Jumanji (A very entertaining movie… And I think the first Robin Williams movie not to make one of my ‘Worst’ lists. One of the better early CGI movies)
(Bunped) Lord of Illusions (I’m really happy to put a horror movie in my Top 10.. Well, it WAS.)
10 Before Sunrise (Only recently got around to this one… Not nearly as pretentious as I thought it would be… Not nearly as much as the sequels it spawned.)
9 Casino (Not one of my Top 5 Scorcese movies, but still really good…)
8 Circle of Friends
7 Die Hard with a Vengeance
6 Apollo 13
5 Sense & Sensibility
4 Babe
3 Toy Story
2 Se7en (A movie that has spawned a host of imitators that didn’t get the fact that the worst parts of this movie happen in your mind and not onscreen. It’s interesting to watch this and then one of Fincher’s later movies on the same subject: Zodiac… This was Kevin Spacey’s year, also.)
1 Braveheart  (I had heard that this was a truly epic film. That Mel Gibson was an even better director than he was an actor. That the period war scenes put anything else to shame outside of Spartacus and Ran. That it was the best film of the year…. On and on… So I had raised expectations for this one and it STILL exceeded them. Just a great movie.)

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