Crash! Landen’s 10 Worst Films of 1995

So we’re at the midway point of the 90s. As always, movies that didn’t make the list: the watchable depiction of regrettably mandated high school AP English reading material ‘The Scarlet Letter’, the somewhat interesting ‘ The Last Supper’, the preachy crapfest that was ‘Powder’,  the pretentiously elitist ‘Kicking and Screaming’ and ‘Hackers’ that featured Angelina Jolie in maybe her smokin’-est role ever. Too bad the movie stunk like dung-balls.

Nope. No Waterworld. Sure it sucked, but it wasn’t even CLOSE to making my list. Not even with the ‘theme-park’ style actiuon sequences. This wasn’t the worst year in movies ever, but it had its share of mediocre snoozers. Here’s my list with little to no comment:

(Bumped) Fair Game (Wasn’t terrible. Got bad reviews before anyone ever actually saw it. Kind of like Showgirls.)
10 The Crossing Guard
9 Virtuosity (I think this is the only Crowe movie that I’ve seen that I didn’t like.)
8 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
7 Bad Boys
6 Showgirls
5 The Walking Dead (Long before that zombie comic… there was this ridiculous movie. Zombies would’ve helped it… A lot…. It was SO bad that I can’t even find a decent sized pic of the movie poster on the net)
4 Vampire in Brooklyn
3 Tank Girl
2 Judge Dredd (One of my most disappointing theater experiences, I think).
1 The Stendhal Syndrome (Argento has exploited his daughter quite often but this might be his slimiest use of her. Just a hackneyed, braindead assault of a film.)

3 Responses to “Crash! Landen’s 10 Worst Films of 1995”

  1. And Don’t forget the Big Green

  2. Markas Flood Says:

    Including The Big Green

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      I did not see The Big Green. Judging by the description and the actors involved, I probably dodged a bullet. That one was a kids’ movie, though, so I probably would have been a lot more lenient than I was on the ones that made my list. These were aimed at adults and I use do.that term loosely given what was presented onscreen.
      THANKS for the comment, though. Nice to know someone is still reading this stuff even if I haven’t kept it up to date as I used to.

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