Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Movies of 1996

The Academy Awards choice for Best Picture that year was The English Patient (I believe). While it was a good film and had a really hard-core moment or 2 (one involved Willem Defoe’s thumbs), but it was unforgiveably BORING. This, coming from a guy that can sit through the slower stuff with the best of them. So that one probably wouldn’t even make my Top 25 for 1996. Some others that are worth seeing but didn’t quite make my list: Kingpin (yes, the Farrelly Brothers movie), The Phantom (which is a great movie. I don’t care what anyone says), Scream, Tin Cup, Michael Collins, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Spike Lee’s Get On The Bus, the Rock, James And The Giant Peach (a great stop motion kids’ movie), and Swingers. You might argue that Swingers should be in the Top 10, but for me, it was good, but a bit over-rated.
Had to bump another one after watching the French film ‘Ridicule’…. And added Swingers… Forgot how good it was…..
That Thing You Do! (A great cast/fun movie… Spartacus!… But bumped from my list.))
Extreme Measures (Bumped. Sorry, Gene.)
(Bumped) The Cable Guy (One of Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey’s best. Great satire of pop culture/society which is what Stiller’s best at, Under-rated, IMHO. Not appreciated by the general public.)
10 The Arrival (Well done lower end sci-fi flick…)
9 Two Days in the Valley (one of the first ‘Pulp Fiction’ imitators, but a well done one).
8 Swingers (An oversight I needed to correct…)
7 When We Were Kings (Documentary of the Rumble In The Jungle… A pretty good detailing of what surrounded one of the more memorable  fights ever….)
6 Ridicule (Pretty twisted for one of ‘these types of movies’. I wouldn’t recommend it, though, if you’re not a fan of thinking.)
5 Shine
4 Fargo
3 Trainspotting (As funny as drug addiction gets… And Kelly McDonald’s in it. What more can you ask for?)
2 12 Monkeys (One of Gilliam’s best. )
1 Sling Blade

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