Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies Of 1996

There was an abundance of crap in 1996 and it seemed to revolve around 3 subjects: basketball, the Wayans brothers and Tom Arnold. I probably could make a Worst 10 for 1996 with just those 3 subjects. Some of those with that theme that didn’t quite make my list: Kazaam  (basketball, sort of), Big Bully (Tom Arnold), Carpool (Tom Arnold),  Jingle All the Way (Tom Arnold), Celtic Pride (basketball and a Wayans Brother)… Other ones that just BARELY missed the list: The Island of Dr. Moreau , The Long Kiss Goodnight, Foxfire (an Angelina Jolie classic weeper), The Ghost And The Darkness. This was also the year  that Meg Ryan played a fighter pilot (Courage under Fire). 1996 was a good year if you like crap.
10 Escape from L.A. (One of my most disappointing movie going experiences ever. It was a long awaited sequel to one of my favorite movies and it had a Bruce! Campbell appearance. What a letdown…. Plus it had a ridiculous basketball segment).
9 Sunset Park
8 Space Truckers
7 Mary Reilly
6 The Crow: City of Angels
5 The Stupids (Tom Arnold…)
4 High School High
3 Joe’s Apartment
2 The Dentist
1 Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
And please don’t think that I hate the Wayans brothers. I don’t. ‘In Living Color’ was frickin’ brilliant back in the day and each of the Wayans have been involved in decent movies. They’ve just had more than thrie share of crap…. I don’t hate Tom Arnold, either.

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