Happy Birthday To Me…

Yes, today is Crash! Landen’s birthday (appropriately enough), so if you want to send me a gift, I won’t send it back I promise… I’ll be seeing Clash Of The Titans later and possibly my favorite pizza joint), so that should be fun.

Whoops, no, not that one. This one.

I have no idea why they moved the release back a few more days. Anyway… I loved the original (still do), so I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t really how they can screw this up, but we’ll see. From the trailer, it doesn’t look like they’ve changed the story too much. Just new FX. I’ve tried not to read too much about it, so if there are surprises, I’ll get the full jolt… Hopefully. I was saddened that there was another movie released so close to this one that ‘ripped off’ Clash in a major way (Percy Jackson And The Really Long Title…), but I don’t think too many people saw that one… This one will be huge.

And now back to work….


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