Crash! Landen’s Top 10 Movies of 1997

The Lists of 90s movies continues… This was a great  year in movies. There were a number of movies that could’ve been in my Top 10 and deserved to be, but I could only pick 10. Movies that didn’t make the list: Absolute Power (Clint and Gene together again), Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Dr. Evil!), Starship Troopers (a smarter satire than it gets credit for), Amistad (a great historical drama), Liar, Liar (another great comedy), The Fifth Element (which was cheesy but a lot of fun), Good Will Hunting, Men In Black, even some smaller movies like Smilla’s Sense Of Snow…. It was just a good year in film. Here are my 10.

Update: Okay, so I missed a REALLY good one… I’ve had to insert LA Confidential so I guess I’ll have to change my Best of the 1990s, too. So Jack falls to #11.

As Good As It Gets (Jack being Jack…Loved the dog/bacon bits…. And no longer in the Top 10.)
10 Breakdown (A very under-rated suspense movie. And it had 18 wheelers…)
9 The Sweet Hereafter (Sarah Polley was Queen Of The Indies and was in a string of good movies. This was one of them…)
8 Chinese Box (Very slow moving, but it was brilliant that the 3 main characters represented 3 countries that the movie was about. Kinda’ harkened back to Casablanca in that  regard. And this gave new meaning to ‘Bang a Gong’.)
7 Titanic (Obvious choice. Well deserved.)
6 Cop Land (Another under-rated classic. Sylvester Stallone at his best. First of 2 with Deniro. This was a great big cast of actors. I thought Annabella Sciorra did a lot with a small part, as did Michael Rapaport in maybe his best movie.)
5 Boogie Nights (Hilarious, bittersweet, sad and poignant all at the same time. Stellar cast and I love the part with Alfred Molina and Thomas Jane.)
4 LA Confidential (Never saw the entire film in one sitting until recently, so I didn’t feel I could put it on my list. That’s changed now and it’s better as a whole than seen in pieces. You may think that’s true of all movies, but it’s not.)
3 The Ice Storm (Classic drama with lots of ‘real-life’ comedy. Sort of ‘enjoyably dark’ in spots that manages to work in comic books to the narrative. Another cast with several storylines interwoven.)
2 Gattaca (One of my favorite Sci Fi movies and it, too, is under-rated. Minimalist art design but loaded with detail. And set in a clinical/sterile future society but possesses what a lot of big FX movies don’t have: real heart and a great    story. I had to really debate whether to put this one as my best of the year, but Jackie Brown finally won out. CLEARLY Ethan Hawke’s best film and one of Jude Law and Uma Thurman’s better  ones.)
1 Jackie Brown (IMHO: Quentin Tarantino’s best. Didn’t think that I was going to like it. An unlikely  lead for Hollywood in Pam Greir and a great suspenseful story filled with twists and turns. Samuel Jackson plays one of his most evil characters among an inspired cast thatconsisted of Michael Keaton, Robert DeNiro, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr., Chris Tucker, and the always lovely and talented Bridget Fonda. And I think Robert Forster steals the show. Also had the typical QT lost in the 70s  look and sound… All of that added up to a great movie. I wish he would get back to doing movies more like this one. A serious and adult movie… No Matt, ‘adult’ doesn’t mean Porn.) …. And here’s my favorite Jackie Brown poster:

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