Okay,  here’s something funny. I got banned from Rob Liefeld’s site. I guess for disagreeing with him. And of all things, over Superman’s underoos. Shit you not…

Here is the actual exchange. I took out some of the other folks’ comments and you’ll probably have to zoom in. It’s just me and Rob. Obviously, I have no idea what he said after the last bit. Because, ya’ know, I’m banned.  He seemed kind of hostile at the outset calling me ‘Chumly’, but I ignored that.I don’t know, maybe I was a bit too sarcastic at the end there, but honestly all I wanted to know was why he thought what he thought, instead of: “WRONG. ”

To ROB: C’mon Rob, You’re an adult, aren’t you? Surely, you can have someone disagree with you without banning them can’t you? That’s pretty childish…

I mean really… Was I being a jerk? Wasn’t meaning to be… I really don’t think I was in Yellow Hat Guy waters, there…. Anyway, getting  banned from Rob’s site won’t be the worst thing that ever happened to me. Good luck in the future, Rob.


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