Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies Of 1998

Continuing with the crap… And some of the awful movies that didn’t make the list: Very Bad Things, Fallen, & Star Trek: Insurrection… Nope. No Avengers. It wasn’t very good, but I still enjoyed it, so it’s not here.

10 Lost In Space (Unfulfilling, but tolerable… One of Oldman’s worst movies, though.)
9 Firestorm (Okay for a Howie Long vehicle.)
8 Stepmom (A horrendously miserable viewing experience. Couldn’t get through it.)
7 Urban Legend (SPOILER ALERT… REPEAT: SPOILER ALERT: Rebecca Gayheart is the killer. REBECCA GAYHEART!!!! I generally don’t say this a whole lot, but: WTF?! It’s a horror movie! You can’t have a horror movie when the killer turns out to be Rebecca Gayheart!!!))
6 Soldier (Even worse than Escape From LA.)
5 Paulie (….)
4 Species II (Well, it did have Natasha Henstridge in it, I’ll give it that.)
3 Blues Brothers 2000 (THIS CAME OUT IN 1998?! WHY IS IT CALLED BLUES BROTHERS 2000?!)
2 Phantoms (Dreary boring crap… )
1 Godzilla (Broke the cycle for me… That is, of being suckered by Roland Emmerich’s OK FX CRAPFESTs. I’ve never been able to stomach watching  it all the way through and I’ve never paid a dime to see it.  It took remaking (if you want to call it that) one of my all time favorite monster movies. They changed the basic story significantly, changed the look of Godzilla DRASTICALLY, and on top of that, as if to kick Godzilla fans everywhere right square in the crotch, they went feminist and made Godzilla a chick. UNFORGIVABLE. UNFORGIVABLE!!!)

4 Responses to “Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies Of 1998”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    I thought that you would say that one. That was ‘watchable’. It was just a bit of a letdown for me. I think I recall it having a MASSIVE amount of hype before it came out (over on this side of the pond anyway), so my expectations were high. I have always been a big Gary Oldman fan and was a little disappointed by his part. That one did have plenty of things going for it, but it should have been a ‘can’t miss’.

    As I always say, though, if it entertained you, then fine. That was a pretty darn good year for movies, so maybe I was also disappointed comparing it to the other movies that were out there at the time. I’m about to post my Top 10 for 1998, but I could have easily made a Top 35 or so for that…

  2. Lucky me! I’m a huge die-hard fan of the original Lost in Space TV show so the movie had a lot of carry over emotion for me – it was kinda bad but I love it too much to ignore it. Seeing the old cast members and having the story focus (badly) on Will and his dad made everything else forgiveable 🙂

  3. Crash! Landen Says:

    Which one, Mike? If you say Godzilla or Stepmom I will lose all respect that I’ve ever had for you….

  4. One of your worst is one of my all time top!!! Who would’ve thought 🙂

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