Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Movies of 1999

My first ‘Best of’ List of the 90s. I’m going to try to limit myself to 10, which is really hard for me sometimes. There are sometimes movies that were not the Best movies of the year that I would hope more people would see… Personal favorites I guess. Which brings up the point: Therse aren’t my FAVORITE films, these are the ones that I thought were the best made movies overall.

Movies that didn’t quite make the cut: The Green Mile, Fight Club, Stir Of Echoes, The Girl On The Bridge, Galaxy Quest, American Pie… I’m even leaving off Kubrick’s last (which was far from his best, but it’s still good… oh… Eyes Wide Shut)… I can go on and on for 1999. There were a ton of good movies that were released that year. I also enjoyed a lot of indie/foreign flicks like the aforementioned The Girl On The Bridge, Go, The Minus Man, The War Zone (directed by Tim Roth of all people), and (the slightly over rated) Run Lola, Run…

Here’s the list:

 (Bumped) Man on the Moon (Jim Carrey’s great in this, as he is in most of his ‘serious’ Jim Carrey roles.)
10) Ride With The Devil (Ang Lee’s art-house civil war/western…)
9 Magnolia (Tom Cruise is the least believable in the movie, except in his scenes with Jason Robards, who died right after this if I’m not mistaken.)
8 The Straight Story ( One of my favorite endings for any movie, I’ve seen… Not a LOUD movie. And I think this was Farnsworth’s last film, who was suffering from cancer like Robards).
7 Office Space (Mike Judge. ‘Nuff said.)
6 The Matrix (Its flaws FAR outweigh its strong points BY FAR… )
5 Three Kings (Surprisingly GREAT. I was not expecting much from this when I saw it. Great film and a reason why I’m a Mark Wahlberg fan even after despising his ‘Marky Mark’ persona. Ice Cube actually proved he’s a decent actor, too…)
4 Payback (Better than the Director’s Cut, although I like that version, too. One of Mel Gibson’s best.)
3 Toy Story 2 (One of the few sequels that surpassed a tremendously good original.)
2 The Iron Giant (One of my favorite cartoons. Fun for kids and adults. Vin Diesel’s 2nd best movie…)
1 The Sixth Sense (Yes, M. Night Shamalyan’sclassic ghost thriller that I almost walked out of.)

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