The 90s: Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 1999 (The Madness Continues)

Yes, I’m back at publicly documenting my Best/Worst Lists… As always, these are MY opinions and if a movie entertained you, please don’t take offense and think that I’m trying to rain on your favorite movie, your intelligence, your emotional state or your parade. It is, after all, just my own opinion. I do hope that if  you see movies on my lists that you agree with, then maybe— JUST MAYBE— I can steer you from watching a movie that will (IMO) will steal approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours of your life, OR… Maybe you’ll see one on my BEST lists that you’ve passed many times in the video store (or on Netflix or whatever) and will give that movie a try. I don’t always explain why I like or dislike a movie, if you really want to know, drop me an email. I answer them all, as long as they’re civil.

So, here we go: The 90’s or more specifically my first ‘Worst’ list of the 90s… Movies that didn’t quite make the list for various reasons: The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Eye of the Beholder, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo…

CRASH! LANDEN’S WORST 10 MOVIES OF 1999 (with minimal commentary)

 Deep Blue Sea (Bumped. This one was somewhat enjoyable, though.Samuel Jackson’s death is the highlight of the film in an unintentionally hilarious way.)
10 The Bone Collector (I think this will be the first of MANY Angelina Jolie movies of the 90s that will appear on my Worst Lists)
9 Lake Placid (As enjoyable as Deep Blue Sea, and with an equally ridiculous story…)
8 Blue Streak (I did laugh…)
7 I’ll Take You There (Dull. Uninteresting. Nonentertaining. Horribly shot. Poorly written. Majorly flawed. But still better than the dogs below.)
6 Wing Commander
5 The Thirteenth Floor (A very disappointing movie…)
4 Girl, Interrupted (Yup, Angelina Jolie.. That’s 2 for the decade already…And it wasn’t my fault that I had to sit through this one…)
3 The Rage: Carrie 2
2 eXistenZ (Caused me to buy a DVD player… Not because I wanted to see this on DVD. This movie was SO terrible, that it destroyed my VCR. Maybe Cronenberg’s worst movie, along with Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh…)
1 Bats (In the same kind of artistic range of ‘Grizzly’ or ‘Gargoyles’…)

2 Responses to “The 90s: Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 1999 (The Madness Continues)”

  1. Poor Saffron Burrows, she made two movies on this list!

    13 years later we just decided to post on her second on this list, Wing Commander. Here is our take with lots of pics and perhaps a little wit if you are interested:

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      For over a decade I have managed to bury the memories of the horror of Wing Commander. Thank you for reminding me with your somewhat accurate take on this abomination. It’ll probably be another decade before I can again scrape the images from my recollection.

      And nothing against the lovely Saffron Domini Burrows… I NEVER have a problem with models turned actresses, especially classy British models turned actresses. I think they meant to cast Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love-Hewitt or Lacey Chabert in that role and the producer got lucky and she lost a stupid bet or SOMETHING.

      Anyway… Thanks for posting. Interesting take on a bad film.

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