Crash! Landen’s Best 25 Movies of the Year 2000

First a few that didn’t make the list: The Million Dollar Hotel (Mila! and Mel Gibson at his weirdest), Mission: Impossible II, Space Cowboys, Pitch Black (the very flawed Vin Diesel vehicle), and High Fidelity (that was not as good as it should have been, but still decent). I also had to add one (REVISION). So The Farrelly Brothers movie drops out of the Top 25.
Update: Glaring error. Australian film ‘The Dish’ certainly belongs here….
Me, Myself, and Irene (Bumped… You’re either a Farrelly Brothers fan or you’re not… I am.)
Titan A.E. (Bumped…One of those ‘slip through the cracks’ cartoons. I enjoyed the odd combo of CGI and 2D animation…)
(Bumped) Thirteen Days (Very anticlimactic, but interesting. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, Captain Pike’s Bruce Greenwood is in this one…)
25 Battle Royale (The premise was better than the movie, but it was still fun.)
24 X-Men (Saw this 5 times at the movie theater. Years and YEARS of pent up nerdness was satisfiedby the sight of these characters in a movie. It was the WRONG group of characters, they got MOST of the characters wrong, but at least it was the X-Men… I have a great fondness for this movie, but I think you have to be a comic book nerd like myself to enjoy this. It has a VERY hokie story and waaaaaay too many characters or at least too many for the first movie in a  franchise. Not enough ‘normal’ people in it, either. It lacked the feeling of spectacle that it should have had, given the nature of the characters.))
23 Amores Perros
22 The Perfect Storm (  I liked this despite the stupid human decisions that are the basis for the film and having somewhat of a downer ending… Vastly better than Open Water, though… Just ask Bob Johnson.)
21 Pollock (A very good film with Ed Harris in full ‘suffering’ mode…. A bit depressing as are several movies on this list…)
20 Panic (That’s the best poster pic I could find. Very little known movie, but worth watching.)
19 Meet the Parents  (One of the better comedies of the decade.)
18 Final Destination ( I thought the deaths in the movie were all cleverly done. I’m not generally a fan of movies where the main purpose is to watch teens die unusual deaths, but this actually did that in a fun way. Can’t explain it in any other way than that….)
17 Dancer in the Dark (To be honest, I still can’t figure whether I really like this one or not. It makes you wonder what it’s all about if nothing else. Bjork apparently had such a rough experience on it that it would be her first and last acting job. That’s too bad, because I think she would be great in a lighter musical… And I hate musicals.)
16 Snatch ( A little over-rated in my opinion. I remember critics saying that the movie was great EXCEPT FOR Brad Pitt. I was kind of the opposite. I thought he was the best part of the movie as the mumbling brawler.)
15 Ginger Snaps (One of the few horror-comedies of the decade that was pretty good and I saw a TON of them. Just check out all of my ‘Worst’ lists… An amusing take on the werewolf myth, having ‘that time of the month’ take on an entirely new meaning.)
14 What Lies Beneath (A modern day ‘Hitchcock’ film.)
13 American Psycho (Bale is hilarious in this… Very twisted movie.)
12 Frequency (Surprised by this one. Liked it a lot. I think it kind of sparked a mini-‘comeback for Dennis Quaid…Jim Caviezel was good in this, but I liked Andre Braugher a lot, also.)
11 The Dish (A great film about the Australian role in the moon landing.)
10 Cast Away (“Wiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllssssssssssooooooooonnnnnnnnnn!”…  A volleyball made me cry. A volleyball….)
9 Memento ( A little flawed, but Christopher Nolan swings for the fence….)
8 Beautiful Creatures (I have no idea why this isn’t higher. And I’m thinking about moving this up the list even higher.)
7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (A very beautifully made movie.)
6 O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Far down on my list of best Coen Brothers movies, but still a good one.)
5 Croupier (A little talked about film by director Mike Hodges that has an ending that sneaks up on you. Great film! Maybe should be higher on the list.)
4 Unbreakable (M. Night Shamalamadingdong’s best, IMHO.)
3 Chicken Run (I’m now feeling a little guilty about having this at the #3 spot…. It probably should be higher. One of Mel Gibson’s best movies.)
2 Requiem for a Dream (One of the worst beatings I’ve ever taken from a movie. Never have Acts 1, 2 and 3 of movie been so distinctively divided… Also of note, one of at least 3 movies where the lovely and talented Jennifer Connelly ends up standing at the end of a dock. Very depressing in the 2nd half of the film, disturbing, and intense, but never veers into ‘geekshow’ territory like the outrightly disgusting ‘film’ ‘Martyrs’…. Also of note, it features a Wayans brother, but it doesn’t suck.)
1 Gladiator (Ridley Scott’s a great director. See also: The Duellists, Alien, Blade Runner, Legend, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom Of Heaven, etc… Even his bad movies are worth viewing at least once.)

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