Crash Landen’s Best Movies of 2001

Movies that didn’t make my list that very well could have…. The Score (entertaining heist movie with DeNiro and Norton),  The Devil’s Backbone (a good ghost story, but not great), The Musketeer, Aberdeen, Joy Ride, A Beautiful Mind (predictable, but good. Clearly not ‘Best Picture’ IMHO), Novocaine (a hidden gem), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Spielberg does Kubrick more depressingly than Kubrick ever could. Still, it’s pretty good.), Shallow Hal (Better than it’s given credit for), Shrek (very entertaining), Storytelling (Todd Solondz once again tries to push the audience’s buttons with lots of ‘shock value’, but for me; his best movie…Not for everyone, though), Mulholland Drive (David Lynch does ‘surreality’ very well… I ‘got’ this one and liked it a lot.)…
9 A Knight’s Tale
8 Ghost World
7 Enemy at the Gates
6 Amélie
5 The Royal Tenenbaums
4 Monsters, Inc.
3 Black Hawk Down
2 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
1 Gosford Park (I have not yet seen ‘Nashville’, but for me this is Robert Altman’s best movie).
Thoughts? Good? Bad? Ugly?

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