Crash Landen’s 12 Best Movies of 2005

Not my favorite year in movies, but it had some good ones. I had made a Top 10, but had forgotten a couple that had come out in 2005 so I had to go back and add them. I ended up just leaving this as a list of 12.  Hovering right outside of the Top 12: Spielberg’s War of the Worlds… A very very gritty, if not grimey, Aussie Western The Proposition… 2 Nicolas Cage films Lord Of War and The Weather Man (with Michael Caine)… The Ice Harvest…  Or one of my personal favorites and Jessica Alba’s Best Movie Into the Blue (Yes, I’m not ashamed to say that I loved that one. Didn’t hurt that Ashley Scott was in that one, as well).
EDIT: One more movie that I have recently viewed (May 1, 2010) is one I have to mention. ‘The Girl On The Bridge … In The Cafe!’… with the always awesome Kelly MacDonald and the sometimes kinda’ cool Bill Nighy (Stay out of crap wereolf/vampire feud movies, Bill), is another great movie from 2005. Compelling to the end even if it does get a bit… um… koom-bah-yah at the bittersweet end. MacDonald is great as ALWAYS and Nighy gives a very detailed idiosynchratic performance. Probably a bit better than one or two movies that didn’t quite make my list….
12 Best Movies Of 2005

#12 Walk the Line (  I grew up  with Johnny Cash when he was making appearances on TV shows like  The Muppet Show so he was a pop figure I was acutely aware of a kid. I liked some of his songs, but never had the desire to seek out his albums or follow his career as a ‘rebel’. The movie surprised me and as far as bio-pics go, it’s right up there with the best of them. Joaquin Pheonix did a great job of making the part his own and not just performing a movie long Cash impression, but Reese Witherspoon steals the movie. I was never a fan of hers before this. This is her best movie in my opinion).
#11 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Surprisingly risque for a kids’ movie. I laughed all through this).
#10 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (The best of the prequels and the closest to the quality of the original trilogy. Ewan McGregor stands out doing his best Alec Guinness impression for the third time).

#9 Serenity (Kind of a better version/remake of the short lived TV show Firefly. I thought this would’ve made Nathan Fillion a ‘movie star’, but, nope).

#8 Grizzly Man (A documentary that was riveting, INSANE and heartbreaking).

#7 King Kong (Peter Jackson knows how to make a beautiful movie. Didn’t succeed in the way that Peter Jackson had hoped, I doubt, probably because the story is so familiar to people. SPOILER:Noone wants to see the monkey die at the end… Yeah, I know, he’s an ape in the primate family. Whatever. It worked for me though. I love the original. I love the 70s remake with Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lang, and Charles Grodin. I love  Godzilla vs King Kong. Son of Kong. Mighty Joe Young and its remake. I guess I just love giant gorillas. Who doesn’t? Got much enjoyment out of the scenes toward the end of the movie, especially Kong On Ice…).
#6 Match Point (I predicted what was going to happen once it got going, but loved how it was tied together at the end. Um… Definitely NOT a chick flick. Trust me.).
#5 Cinderella Man (A great movie about a really good guy. Based on real events).
#4 The Constant Gardener (Enjoyed it despite the one sided political views. Follows through at the end. A very enjoyable movie if you like intelligent movies).
#3 Kingdom of Heaven (An epic movie. Ridley Scott makes more out of less than any other director other than maybe Terry Gilliam. There were a lot of would be epics that were coming out around this time and I felt I was beginning to get ‘epic’ed  out’, but I never lost interest with this one. GREAT movie).
#2 Batman Begins (Kind of gets a little too spread out and loses its somewhat realistic take on superheroes at the end, but still a great movie. I was already a fan of Christopher Nolan, so I was expecting a Batman movie that was finally created as a movie instead of a ‘comic book movie’ and he delivered big time. Great cast to go along with the director and had an ending that helped add to the anticipation of the sequel).
#1 Munich (Very under-rated. Sure, there were some political points made that I don’t agree with, but taken as a whole is pretty even handed. Loaded with great character actors including a pre-Bond Daniel Craig, along with a great performance by the movie’s lead Eric Bana. One of the Best of The Decade and is yet ANOTHER movie where Steven Spielberg proves that he’s one of the greatest directors. Like Hitchcock, was regarded as a ‘popcorn movie’ director by many and isn’t given his proper due as a filmmaker).

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