Spectral Influence And The MacGuffin Grimoire Logo

So it’s official. I got a Thank You from the Zuda Team.

It’s a silly name, I know, but that was on purpose… But let me know what you think.  I want to hear it.

You should be able to click on it to make it a little bigger to view…

I’ve noticed uploading these to wordpress always changes the color a little… But I guess everyone’s computers are calibrated differently color-wise, anyway… Hopefully, it’s not too dark on anyone’s PC.


4 Responses to “Spectral Influence And The MacGuffin Grimoire Logo”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks Adam! I hope you’ll like the rejected thingamajig when I post it later.

  2. Yeah you wouldnt be able to put that logo on a business card thats for sure. It’s a reall looong title too. I can’t believe you didnt get in tho! I remember your preview pages looking pretty sweet. Tis a shame.

  3. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks, Mike. I’ve heard that. I know logos should be readable from across the room (I do logos for a living and one that isn’t readable aggravates me). This one isn’t, but there’s a joke in the story (or will be) about that… I figured on a computer screen that you can take time to look at it longer. Also if it’s ever printed, I figured there would be another clearer version… Anyway…

  4. It looks great – the only problem is readability. The word spectral is cleverly made and is a beautiful shape – but first and foremost it has to be read – I had not the foggiest what it said before I read your title.

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