Worst 10 Movies of 2007 (With an ‘Awake’ SPOILER)

The Lists continue. Please remember this is only a list of the ones I’ve seen. I’m sure there were movies that were far worse than most of these, I was just lucky enough to avoid them. There was a smorgasbord of  rotten movies in 2007, though… Just missing My Worst 10: Spider-Man 3, The Orphanage, P2, Resident Evil 3 (That I kind of liked anyway)….

UPDATE: I have recently seen some films that should have been never been made, all coming from the year 2007. It shook up this list more than any other list that I’ve updated. A total of  five have been added…

Anyway, here’s My List.

Crash! Landen’s TOP 10 WORST MOVIES OF 2007

Bumped… FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (Space Dust Galactus. Dr. Doom with awful weeney voice again. Awful story. Bad CGI. And I do like the FF and a lot of the actors involved so this was disappointing. Jessica Alba could have 3 movies on this list, too. That would have been Alba Overkill, though, and I like her).
Bumped… VACANCY (Had high hopes for this one, but it was another that was written where the main characters were 2 of the dumbest people that have had no common sense).
Bumped… MR. BROOKS (I don’t know if they were going for satire here, but it stood out as a movie where most of the characters in the film are serial killers. Defied all logic, but Rob Zombie might’ve been the better choice for this movie’s director).
Bumped…  30 DAYS OF NIGHT (I liked a lot of the people involved and it had a GREAT idea, but the actual movie had logic and plot holes so wide you could float a barge through….)
 Bumped… NEXT (Cage usually stars in one good movie and about 18 bad ones per year  that could make my Worst List. He  is a decent actor, though as evidenced in Adaptation, Raising Arizona, Matchstick Men among others…).
#10 Manufacturing Dissent (Rarely do documentaries make my Worst Lists, but this is one that has to be here. It claims to be objective about its subject. It’s not.)
#9 The Good Life (Mopey and stupid. A good looking film without worthwhile content.)
#8 HALLOWEEN (Rob Zombie would probably make a decent movie if he could get past empathizing with the villains in his movie. Rob replaces Laurie Strode with Michael Myers-The VILLAIN-as protagonist. If you’re into torture porn and terrible hammy acting, then Rob’s movies are for you).
#7 Stuck  (Wastes Mena Suvari. Wastes Stephen Rea. Poorly written and God have mercy on us if the director has directed another film.)
#6 GHOST RIDER (Quality wise it’s akin to any Captain America movie. Nicolas Cage was COMPLETELY the wrong person to play Johnny Blaze. He might’ve made a better LUKE Cage).
#5 THE HITCHER (Yet another unnecessary remake that is made by a filmmaker who has no business making movies. They don’t understand the material. On top of that, this was turned into a ‘GIRL POWER!’ movie… That’s okay for Hilary Duff movies, not for an R movie).
#4 AWAKE ( SPOILER:JESSICA ALBA IS THE VILLAIN! Do I need to say any more?)
#3 Expired (The poster just proves to me that festival film judges have NO CLUE what the difference s are between good and bad films are. They apparently stare at the movie screen and think about cantaloupes. This movie IS funny in how offensive Patric’s character is. NO woman would put up with what Morton’s dumb as an underwater fart character puts up with. Even an actress as talented as Morton is can pull off a character this niave. there is NO way that she would be able to function in her job being this inexperienced in the world. Of course she’s only that way when it’s convenient in the film. )
#2 Kiss Of The Vampire (Just braindead. I think I could put a low budget crap vampire film on every list I’ve done.)
#1 THE INVISIBLE (One of My Worst Films Ever… There were also things in the movie’s trailer that never appeared in the movie).

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  1. […] still be somewhat enjoyable. The third was horrible, also, but as I stated in my lead-in to ‘Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies Of 2007‘, I kind of liked it. Sue […]

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