Top 20 Best Movies Of 2008

NOTE: There are several more than 20 ‘Best’ Films because of revisions/updates. I leave the films that get bumped posted.
Bumped: NOBEL SON is bumped out of my Top 20 also, after the revisions(Very quirky. Flawed… But Alan Rickman is always great. Technically a 2007 film, but I don’t believe it ran here in Pensacola until 2008, so I view it as a 2008 release).
Bumped:  ROLE MODELS (bumped out of my Top 20… Laughed all through it. Sure it’s predictable, but I like it).
Bumped: CLOVERFIELD (Bumped! Not perfect, but watchable… Getting tired of this SAME ending in horror movies though. It’s kind of pointless. Still liked it though.)
Bumped: REDBELT ( Flawed and overly melodramatic, but very watchable…)
Bumped: AUSTRALIA (Yeah, I know. Chick flickish… But it was decent. A throwback to the way they used to make movies for the most part.)
Bumped… BE KIND REWIND (A likeable movie… With the exception of Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry’s movies aren’t perfect, but they have a sweet quality to them .)
Bumped… Let The Right One In (I had trouble deciding whether I liked this or not. I had read the book and they had taken out so much that my mind was filling in the explanations that weren’t present in the movie. Don’t know what I would’ve thought of it, without all the extra info stored in my noggin.)
20 Me and Orson Welles (Carried by the performance of Christian McKay as Welles.)
19 Red (Brian Cox in the rare leading role. Great movie. Great actor.)
18 GET SMART (In no way like the original series, but how could it be without Don Adams? I thought Carrell & Hathaway were great in this)…
17IRON MAN (Pretty good for them to have made this without a script… according to Jeff Bridges).
16 TROPIC THUNDER  (A pretty good sendup of Hollywood.)
15 TRANSIBERIAN ( Has some holes in it, and is better if you don’t know anything about it before you see it. I didn’t know where it was going for the most part. One of the movies that has helped Woody Harrelson’s career get back on track. He’s an underrated actor, IMO).
14 THE FALL (A visually IMPRESSIVE movie… Love the ending with the old movie sequence…)
13 GHOST TOWN (Was pleasantly surprised. Not a chick flick).
12 HELLBOY II: The Golden Army (I think the first was better as a story and this one was better visually. dug the ‘villain’ in this one also. Del Toro borrowed some gags for this one…)
11 The Duchess (This one surprised me. Keira Knightly is good in this. Ralph Fiennes plays her husband in the film,  a cold, humorless villain, and has some of the more thought provoking moments in the film. One of those British period pieces that are provocative by way of intelligent stories.
10 WALL-E (Not quite as good in the second half, visually or story wise, but was still a GREAT movie).
9 IN BRUGES (A black comedy that actually is a black comedy….. Was a little predictable to me, but I liked the people in the movie, big and little).
8 THE WRESTLER (This part was made for Mickey Rourke in this part of his life…. I welled up. Great film!).
7 BODY OF LIES (Very under-rated IMHO, but I’m a Ridley Scott fan… Very evenhanded in its take, also, for those who don’t like one sided politics thrown at them…)
6 KUNG FU PANDA (Just a fun movie… Love the ongoing gag dealing with Po and his ‘father’ that they never address).
5 SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (A very uplifting movie, even if parts are predictable… La-ti-kaaaa!!!!).
4 The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (This is another one of those foreign films that really came out the previous year, but since it didn’t play in my area until 2008, that’s where I’m placing it.)
3 MAN ON WIRE (A documentary put together like a hiest movie… Another very uplifting movie).
2 The Band’s Visit (Another one that I forgot. If you don’t mind slower paced subtitled movies mostly devoid of violence of any kind.. heh heh… then this is a serious find. The lead in this movie has a bit of a Buster Keaton quality in him with all of his long solemn expressions. This is an AMAZINGLY good little movie.)
1 THE DARK KNIGHT (Of course… I think Avatar is the only movie that even came close to the anticipation level I had for this and it was worth it… Great performances by all around with Ledger OBVIOUSLY absolutely destroying every scene(in a good way). I laugh when I think back at all the nerds who were so angry that Ledger was cast as the Joker. As I always say trust the Director. Not the Producer. Not the writer. Not the cinematographer. Not the FX team. Not the studio. The Director. Been a fan of Nolan since I saw ‘Following’ many years ago… Can’t wait for Inception).

3 Responses to “Top 20 Best Movies Of 2008”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    I can’t be ‘wrong’ on my own Best List, “Bob’. I think you’re letting your personal political biases get in the way of your enjoyment of Slumdog. And if anything played like a bad sitcom, it was Gran Torino. I’m a fan of Eastwood, but GT harkens back to the days of the ABC After School Specials in overall quality.

    I try to avoid Steven Soderbergh movies. The movies that I’ve seen of his: the Solaris remake, the Ocean’s Eleven remake and The Good German. Two of those three were like watching snails crawl a football field with gasoline in my eyes. ‘Eleven’ was extraordinary for the amount of talent wasted in one movie…. And I avoid propoganda films, so I won’t be seeing Che anytime soon.


  2. Bob Johnson Says:

    Also I figured you’d throw Gran Torino on there. And I don’t know if you ever saw it but the two part Che film from Steven Soderbergh (Guerrilla & The Argentine) were done very well. The contrast of success in Cuba and failure in Bolivia really worked.

  3. Bob Johnson Says:

    You are still wrong about slumdog. Crazy overrated and predictable (felt like i was watching an episode of Perfect Strangers in which Balki goes on a game show). But seriously the annoying way that he remembers answers that in no way had anything to do with the flashback sequence of which there were like what 30? Pretty colors though, i guess that counts for something*.

    *No it doesn’t

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