Crash! Landen’s Top/Bottom Movies of 2009

I didn’t watch as many movies as I normally see this year for many different reasons. I still need to watch a lot of movies like The Road, Up In The Air, An Education, Precious, Martyrs… I’m way behind, but here is a list based on the ones that I’ve seen. I also have to re-watch Sherlock Holmes since my movie night was ruined by… well, that’s another story I’ll save for my review… These are the best that I saw thus far and of course the worst. First, the Worst 3.

Worst 5 MOVIES

#3 GI Joe ( Please see my August Review and 9 Billion other GI:Joe Movie Posters by clicking on the poster above)

#2 Push (Maybe the biggest disappointment of the year for me…)

#1 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Lyi (An absolute abomination of a movie… I was able to sit through the entire film, though unlike the previous year’s ‘The Spirit’, “Max Payne’,  and ‘Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist’… Maybe it was Kreuk. My favorite scene is where the title character leaves home, but not before thanking EACH AND EVERY ONE of her servants. Possibly one of the most unnecessary scenes ever filmed.

TOP 10 BEST MOVIES Without Comment (All can be found in my Reviews Category with the exception of Watchmen)

#10 Zombieland

#9 The Hurt Locker

#8 Funny People

#7 Watchmen

#6 District 9

#5 Fantastic Mr Fox

#4 Inglourious Basterds

#3 A Christmas Carol

#2 Avatar

#1 Up ( It was a tough decision between the Top 2… I only give the Nod to Up because I thought that it was better in characterization and overall story. Both are stunning films, though.)


2 Responses to “Crash! Landen’s Top/Bottom Movies of 2009”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Everyone has their personal tastes. I, too liked The Hurt Locker (in my Top 10 movies I saw last year), but I think it did have some flaws that could have been solved with a bit of editing.
    A lot of critics play the ‘bloated’ card on big budget ‘epics’ like Avatar, but I find in a lot of cases that some of the ‘smaller’ films are the ones most in need of cutting scenes. Not to get the running time down, but to get rid of the unnecessary and the repetitive. It can help pacing, too.

  2. I loved “The Hurt Locker,” it was an amazing film. I also liked “Funny People” more than most, but I don’t think enough to place it in my Top 10.

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