Bowl Picks, New Year’s and other stuff…

What the—?! I can’t believe how horrible I’m doing picking the bowls.. At this point I’m 5 and 13. 5 & 13!!! I would have done better by flipping a coin or letting one of my Aunt’s cats pick for me…. I was mocked by a friend of mine at lunch, today, but my response to doing so horribly is this… The only one that really matters… the one where you KNOW both teams will show up ready to play… Texas and Alabama playing for the National Championship…. I picked Texas before the season started so I’m sticking with them, even though I think ‘Bama might actually be the better team top to bottom. I do think Texas has the better QB and I still think that will be the difference. He didn’t play well in the rivalry game and I would think (Coach) Mack Brown will throw some new wrinkles in to help his QB out… We’ll see, though… Oh, and then there’s Saint Bowden’s last game… FSU will win that one. I’m sure of it.

Have I posted this before?

Still haven’t heard from Zuda… I think I’m on Day 105 or so (90 days was the time given that they would respond)…. After posting a thread on the Zuda message boards where I asked if a ‘moderator’ would respond to me about the rules, I got a response from Ron Perazza, which is like trying to find  the doorman to ask a question and getting an answer from the Owner of The Building ( RP is basically Zuda’s editor-in-chief, I believe). This is what he said:

“Hey Crash , I don’t see any e-mail in the feedback account. Have you already received a reply? To answer your question, yes. You should hear back from us within 90 days. If you don’t you’re free to move along and do whatever you like with your submission since our requested review period has expired. However, on rare occasions it takes us a bit longer to work through the queue. If you’re ok with giving us an extra few days we’ll happily take ’em – especially around the holiday season. We do go through every single submission and, eventually, reply to everyone. Sorry for the delay!”

I hold out that this is a good thing, since I still haven’t been rejected, but having put so much time into this already, I feel like I’m going to pop at any moment. And being the Quasi-DoGooder that I am, I’m having to resist the urge to post anything in order to follow the rules. OTHER people aren’t following the rules, but that’s okay. Doesn’t mean I have to break ’em. I am working on more stuff involving the submission, though…

So here’s an old drawing just to post something… Can’t remember if I’ve ever posted it before…. If I have I’ll find something else to replace it with later and if I don’t post anything else today…

Have a Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a better 2010 than they had in 2009, no matter what their year was like this year…. ‘See’ you next year….

Oh. And I’m on twitter, now. Someone has the name CrashLanden already, so I had to go with CrashLanden13.


2 Responses to “Bowl Picks, New Year’s and other stuff…”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    LOL… I’m 3 of my last 4, so I’m on a roll now! If only LSU knew how to manage a clock, I’d have 4 in a row!

  2. andyandvickie Says:

    don’t worry about being 5 and 13. I am not doing much better picking bowl games.

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