Crash! Landen’s College Football Bowl Picks

No pictures… No real explanations… Just the picks…

Fresno State Over Wyoming

Rutgers over UCF

Southern Miss over Middle tennessee State

Oregon State over BYU

Utah over California

Nevada over SMU

Ohio over Marshall

North Carolina over Pitt in an upset…

BC over USC

Clemson over Kentucky

Georgia over Texas A&M

Temple over UCLA

Miami over Wisconsin

Bowling Green Over Idaho

‘Zona over Nebraska in an upset of mild proportions….

Houston over Air Force

Oklahoma over Stanford

Missouri over Navy

Minnesota over Iowa State

Va. Tech over Tennessee (Against The Gut)

Auburn over Northwestern

Saint Bobby and the ‘Noles over West Virginia!!!!

LSU over Penn State

Ohio State over Oregon

Florida over ‘Nati

Soth Florida over Northern Illinois

South Carolina over UConn

Ole Miss over Okie State

Arkansas over East Carolina

Texas Tech over Michigan State

TCU over Boise again

Ga. tech over Iowa

Central Michigan over Troy


Texas over ‘Bama in a monumental upset… I picked Texas at the beginning of the year. I’m stickin’ with ’em… Texas wins the National Championship over the Tide!


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