Week 14 Aftermath: The Final Push To Pasadena

Oregon/Oregon State set the tone for the weekend  I guess. That one went back and forth all night and had some interesting subplots… The Cincinatti/Pittsburgh game was an absolute instant classic with Tony Pike throwing a long TD with about  30 seconds to go. The worst part of that one was for the Pitt holder that flubbed the hold on Pittsburgh’s extra point about a minute before the Cincinnati TD. That missed extra point allowed the Bearcats to go undefeated…

Meyer was outcoached by Saban.

The biggest game of the year thus far was without a doubt, Florida and ‘Bama… ‘Bama came out with a lot of determination right from the beginning. I think you have to start quick to beat an Urban Meyer team. It seemed that Urban panicked early in this game (4 carries by Florida running backs ALL GAME!!!! Alabama ran the ball 53 times BTW).

Panic setting in...

A dropped pass by (Jeff Demps?) on Florida’s first series cost the Gators a first down and maybe Big Mo for the game. Alabama got ahead with a quick field goal, built on their lead and never trailed…. Florida seemed to abandon the running game (at least with their running backs) and from then on it was Tebow scrambling and throwing passes.

McElroy is 29-0 since Junior High...

Florida looked completely unprepared and Nick Saban’s Tide were nearly error free. It ended up being a very ugly game for Florida fans.

Somewhat strangely, I felt a little sympathy for Tim tebow (C’mon, I’m a ‘Nole fan. I should be happy). Despite being very upset after the game (being almost unable to speak initially in a post game interview), he regained his composure and proved yet again, that he’s a class act.

I’m happy to see him finally move on so that Florida State may have a chance to beat Florida again (heh), but I think he’s a big loss for college football.

They say (because of the ‘slow release’) that Tebow won’t be very successful in the pros, but I think the ‘experts’ are all wrong. They said the same kind of thing about Emmitt Smith (a Pensacola product) coming out of Florida… He wasn’t fast enough… Wasn’t big enough… Whatever. Tebow can play at the next level and will play at the next level.

Ingram will win the Heisman...

This game, combined with how Colt McCoy and Texas performed on Saturday, all but assures Alabama’s Mark Ingram will win the Heisman. He’ll have a chance to win another one next year, too. As good as Alabama is this year, they’ll be even better next year and I predict they’ll be the Preseason Favorite to win it all next year, regardless of what happens in the title game.

Texas and Nebraska was an UGLY game. Wow. I think I would call it a great game, had Nebraska won, but Texas won ugly… I don’t think they expected the kind of game that they got. Nebraska looked like the Cornhuskers of yore.Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska’s star D-Lineman was an absolute monster… Bo Pellini (Nebraska’s defensive minded head coach) did a great job with a team that was all world on the defensive side, but inept on offense. I loved his ‘whatever’ reaction when Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence made the last second 46 yard field goal.

I wonder now, will this give the sportswriters an excuse to vote TCU over Texas and try to cheat Colt McCoy out of playing in the national championship game? TCU beat a mediocre Clemson team(barely), Utah (with a 2nd string QB) and BYU (who a bad FSU team rolled over). They DO NOT DESERVE to be in the championship game. Alabama-Texas has a way better ring than Alabama-TCU. TCU has NO CHANCE to beat the tide. Sure, utah beat them last year, but they weren’t playing for what they’ll be playing for this year. Cincinnati is a better team than TCU… BUT… Journalists love to insert themselves into the story, so Texas will have to sweat it out knowing TCU may jump them in the polls.

#1 Florida13  vs #2 Alabama32 Crash Picked: ‘BAMA
#3 Texas 13 vs #2 Nebraska 12  Crash Picked: Texas (Big… Boy, was I wrong…)
#5 Cincinnati 45 @ #15 Pittsburgh 44 Crash Picked: Cincinnati
#6 BSU 42 vs New Mexico State 7 Crash Picked: BSU
#7 Oregon 37 vs #16 Oregon State 33 Crash Picked: Oregon
#10 Georgia Tech 39 vs Clemson 34 Crash Picked: Georgia Tech
#18 USC 21 vs Arizona 17 Crash Picked: ‘Zona (Against The Gut)
#19 California 10 @ Washington 42 Crash Picked: Cal (The wacky, wacky Pac-10)
#21 Houston 32 @ East Carolina 38 Crash Picked:Houston
#23 West Virginia 24 @ Rutgers 21 Crash Picked: Rutgers

Other Noteable Games:
South Florida 27 @ UConn 29 Crash Picked: UConn
Wisconsin 51 @ Hawaii 10 Crash Picked: Wisconsin

How I did in Championship Week Top 25: 7-3 (picked 2 upsets)  In ‘Other Notable Games: 2-0  (picked the upset) Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I picked Tech, the Evil One picked Clemson (hahahahahah)

1-0 vs ‘The Gut’ (First time ever, which makes my prediction for my Zuda entry not so appealing since THAT’s coming up).

Grand Totals:201-48… In ‘Other Games:52-33…  Combined:253-81…  5-15 vs ‘The Gut’. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I’m 69-27 to her 63-33

Wow… It’s beehe season has blown by very quickly. Beano Cook always says you wait forever for it to get here then it just blows by when you blink. Such is life. The ARmy-Navy game is next week(which is always fun) and tomorrow we find out who plays who in the bowls… Go ‘Noles! Go Bobby!


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