30 Characters, Zuda, Logos, and more…

After finishing the ’30 Characters In 30 Days’ Challenge I got an email from Tyler James with a congratulatory ‘award’ drawing which was funny (I think everyone who completed the 30 got one…). 🙂 I don’t get awards often (ever), so I’ll take it. It may not be an  Eisner, but it’ll be a reminder of setting a goal and completing it, so it does have a good bit of value to me.

He also sent a short story PDF where he did the words and art (Ty Tyner and Jesse Frank did the coloring). It’s a 9 pager /horror story called ‘Friend Request‘ that will appear in an upcoming Arcana Comics anthology (graphic novel). The anthology is entitled Velvet Rope (I believe) and will be out in 2010. I liked it and think if you’re a fan of  horror shorts then you might like it also. I for one grew up reading all of my babysitter’s 70s horror anthologies like House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Baron Wierwulf Presents, Tales From the Crypt, and others like Swamp Thing (Len and Bernie’s and even Nestor Redondo’s version), Tomb of Dracula,Seduction of the Innocent (not the book, the comics anthology with Wrightson covers), etc… Sorry, I was rambling there, but I loved all that stuff. Still do…. Anyway, this was like those old stories, but updated with a contemporary twist/slant.

A panel from 'Friend Request'

As far as my own work  (Zuda)… Even though, I haven’t heard from Ron and Co. (Zuda editors), I’ve been thinking about the submission that I sent them. I finally decided if I do get rejected in the next few days, I might continue the story on my own. The only question would be whether I wanted to change back to the ‘normal’ comic book format (from Zuda’s 4:3 aspect ratio).

I was working on the logo for it, when my power went out at 2 AM last night. Naturally, I hadn’t saved from almost the beginning, so I ended up having to (just about) start over. This morning,  I showed the somewhat unfinished logo to a friend of mine and his reaction was “I can’t read it”. Being a graphic artist I can’t tell you how many times a logo that I have had to recreate is unreadable because of font (or other) issues. It aggravates me to the core, so when I create something that I know may cause problems, even if I’m intending to cause the problem.

Looks like a 'W' doesn't it? No, wait... An X! That's what it is!

To explain myself, I think this logo will hopefully be okay for 3 reasons. One, the fact that you can’t read part of the title will be an issue in the story (Part of the title is a logo in the comic… and is unreadable to some in the story). Two, sometimes when someone has trouble reading something they linger on it a little longer which is important since the logo itself is (again) part of the story. I want people to pay attention. And three. Well, I can read it, dang it! It’s not THAT hard to read… 🙂

More character designs! THIRTY WASN'T ENOUGH!!!

I’m going to do a good bit of drawing this weekend on character design. designing monsters is always fun. I’ve already been roughing out pages for the next sequence of events in the story. I’ll be settled in to watch the SEC championship game (and the Big 12 championship game… and the ACC championship game… and… but I digress), so I’ll be drawing/sketching to make sure that I’m not completely wasting time. The writer likes what I’ve been doing, so maybe someone else will like what I’ve been drawing, too. 😉

And since I mentioned the SEC game….  The Ducks and Beavers played a very entertaining game yesterday (The Civil War). The Rodgers brothers for O State were fun to watch. Oregon has a great back named James that put on a show also, but all eyes were on Lagarette Blount. He finally got to get a carry in a game and he made the most of it.He got a few carries in the second half actually, running over an O-State Linebacker and then scoring a TD. I think he played last week but didn’t get to handle the ball. It seems like a long time since the ‘Punch Heard ‘Round the World’. We’ll see if he truly learned from it. Hopefully the games on Saturday will half as entertaining as that one was. Of course, I’m picking Texas to win (since I picked them to win the National Title), and Colt McCoy should have a BIG game despite Nebraska playing ‘better’ this year under Bo Pellinni…They can’t screw him out of a Heisman and a shot at the National Championship TWO years in a row, can they?  The creme de la creme though will be ‘Bama and the Gators… My heart’s with ‘Bama being a ‘Noles fan and all (and I’ve always liked Alabama anyway).  My head says that they’ll win, too.


2 Responses to “30 Characters, Zuda, Logos, and more…”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks!… There’s quite a lot already here and more will be here soon. Just look through the ‘Art Scribbles’ and ‘Work’ categories… If you get a tat with my art, please send me a pic. I’d enjoy seeing it.

  2. you know i came accross one of ur drawings of a skull, and its amazing, the reason i just started getting tattooed got my left arm getting a sleve, and im looking for more skulls to add, and i was wondering if you have anymore ideas or pics i could look at, thanks

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