Crash! Landen Week 14 College Football Picks

A day after St. (Bobby) Bowden has decided to step down because of administrative, I’m still not feeling good about that. I wore one of my Seminoles shirts today, but was a bit ashamed about that. After building the FSU program from what was a formerly all girls school with no tradition to speak of except losing and making ‘FSU’ and ‘Seminoles’ synonymous with college football, Bowden is given the choice to retire or remain head coach with no decision making ability. That’s no choice given. As a longtime fan, it’s disappointing the way that Bowden has been unceremoniously treated.

I’m not blaming Jimbo or the Coach In Waiting disaster (and it has been if only from how it confuses the media), and if he fails to generate wins I don’t think anyone should be calling for his job so much as they should be calling for FSU President TK Wetherell’s job… And especially athletic director Randy Spetman.

Apparently, this is all that matters to Wetherell and Spetman.

I do think FSU will be better  next year with Ponder and 10 offensive starters back… And the defense  COULDN’T be any worse than it was this year (could it?). Even though, the offense seemed to be improved this year, there were several games where they still went into the tank, even against Division 2 competition, so Jimbo still has a lot to prove. They are still not anywhere near the model of consistency that FSU was during the late 80s and 90s. But, that’s all I’ll say about that. Hopefully, the FSU players will give Bowden a last game bowl win. He deserves to go out on a higher note than he is going out on. I for one am going to miss Coach Bowden, not because of the wins or anything to do with football; but because he has always been a class act.

Of course Charlie Wiess was fired from Notre Dame, also. I was surprised that he was canned, seeing as how he had such a huge buyout. Apparently Notre Dame has all the money….
Anyway. On to the picks….

Finally… ‘Bama vs Florida. Urban vs. Saban. Tebow vs Ingram… It should be a good one. I’m going with what I’ve thought was going to happen since the beginning of the college football season. ‘Bama will beat Florida in the SEC title game.
There are quite a few other ‘Great Games’, too…

#1 Florida vs #2 Alabama Crash Picks: ‘BAMA
#3 Texas vs #2 Nebraska Crash Picks: Texas (Big)

#5 Cincinnati @ #15 Pittsburgh Crash Picks: Cincinnati
#6 BSU vs New Mexico State Crash Picks: BSU
#7 Oregon vs #16 Oregon State Crash Picks: Oregon
#10 Georgia Tech vs Clemson Crash Picks: Georgia Tech
#18 USC vs Arizona Crash Picks: ‘Zona (Against The Gut)
#19 California @ Washington Crash Picks: Cal
#21 Houston @ East Carolina Crash Picks:Houston
#23 West Virginia @ Rutgers Crash Picks: Rutgers

Other Noteable Games:
South Florida @ UConn Crash Picks: UConn
Wisconsin @ Hawaii Crash Picks: Wisconsin


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