How I did Week 13 (College Football Picks) and The Week 14 Crash! Top 25

Hhhhhhh…. The FSU/UF game was about what I expected. The best part of that game was knowing Tim Tebow won’t be back next year. After 17 years of playing QB for Florida, he’s finally moving on.  Although I am a FSU fan, I do like Tebow. He’s a great player  and a good person. I’m just SO GLAD that he’s leaving now. Next year the tables turn, FSU wins at Bowden/Doak in Bowden/Ponder’s last home game… Looks like FSU may be playing a Big East team in a bowl. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Alabama/Auburn game was a showcase of ugly hits, as it always is. Auburn’s defense outhit Alabama all day long, though. The Tide expanded their chests on the last drive, though, and pretty much just outwilled Auburn on their last drive. McElroy suddenly looked like a great QB again, Pensacola’s Richardson looked more than adequate spelling Mark Ingram and Julio Jones looked like the receiver he’s supposed to look like. If Ingram doesn’t play this week, that could be a HUGE loss for ‘Bama…

The Texas/Texas A & M game was a good one. I’ve said all year that Texas will win the National Championship. They just have to get past the Cornhuskers and then they’ll be off for a VEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY long time. I’m not a betting man (or am I) but I think ‘Bama will be playing them, not Florida.

Georgia was a bit of a surprise. But Nesbitt was playing hurt after the first quarter, so… Maybe that’s not that big of a surprise. Good for Mark Richt (former ‘Nole OC)!

Coming in: 178-40  in Top 25 Picks. 45-31  in ‘Other Notable Games.  That’s 223-71. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 62-25 to her 61-26 . And 4-14 vs ‘The Gut’.

How I did in Rivalry Week Top 25: 16-5 (Not too bad.) In ‘Other Notable Games:5-2 Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I was: 6-2…   The Evil One was (get this) 2-6 (Hahahahahahahaha… And she’s the ‘professional’… She covers the ACC and hates the conference, plus she has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s like a life-size bobble head that babbles… Oh, yeah. 0-1 vs ‘The Gut’.

Grand Totals:194-45…50-33…  Combined:244-78…  4-15 vs ‘The Gut’.

Don't look in her eyes...

Against the Evil One I got a little distance between us: I stand at 68-27 (71.6%) to her shaky 63-32 (66%)

Here’s My Week 14 Top 25
#1 Florida (12-0)
#2 Texas (12-0)
#3 Alabama (12-0)

#4 Cincinatti (11-0)
#5 TCU (12-0)
#6 Boise State (12-0)
#7 Oregon (9-2)
#8 Ohio State (10-2)
#9 Iowa (10-2)
#10 Georgia Tech (10-2)
#11 BYU (10-2)
#12 Penn State (10-2)
#13 Miami (9-3)
#14 Pittsburgh (9-2)
#15 Rutgers (9-2)
#16 LSU (9-3)
#17 Houston (10-2)
#18 West Virginia (8-3)
#19 Virginia Tech (9-3)
#20 Nebraska (8-3)
#21 Oklahoma State (9-3)
#22 Oregon State (8-3)
#23 Utah (9-3)
#24 Stanford (8-4)
#25 USC (8-3)

The SEC game should be a GREAT ONE. Can’t wait for that one.

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