28 of 30 Bloodbath: Superhero*

Bloodbath: Superhero*…. It’s almost December….



2 Responses to “28 of 30 Bloodbath: Superhero*”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks Sean C! Comments always welcomed…. There are more errors than just the one you pointed out actually (although I would argue that you CAN put your foot in that position. I just stood up and did it).

    This was just a quick drawing to complete the ‘one a day’ obligation that I had agreed to. I might even go far as to say that this was a ‘throwaway’. It was just meant to be a fun thing.

    I’m a bit sloppy anyway, though. I practice the ‘Dirty Mop’ style of Kung Fu (gong sounds)

  2. Sean C Says:

    Really late reply, I know. But I have to say that I really enjoy your artwork, really vibrant and bold. But I feel I have to comment on this artwork. The problem with this piece is his right foot, from our point of view the left, the ankle and foot cannot bend that way when the knee is facing us. Either adjust the position of the foot, or adjust the leg and the knee. A bit of reference might help here, whether it is a muscle mag or a photo of yourself making the pose.

    I really like the character, but I just feel that this should be pointed out. It’s a shame to see one tiny element take away from a strong piece.

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