Week 13 College Football Picks

Crap! Forgot to post these. I’m going to fudge on the Texas game. Wasn’t posted before the game started (There’s 12:04 left in the 4th), but since I picked them in the national championship game, I wouldn’t have picked A&M to beat them. Yup. I’m fudgin’ it. Week 13!

So #3 Texas over A&M.

#2 ‘Bama over Auburn in the Iron Bowl (IMO, the most fierce rivalry in all of sports… and I’m a ‘Nole fan) .

#5 Cincinnati over Illinois

#6 BSU over Nevada

#9 Pitt over West Virginia

I’ll save the FSU game for last…

#4 TCU over New Mexico

#7 Georgia Tech over Georgia

#12 Okie State over Oklahoma (unless Zac Robinson doesn’t play)

#14 Va. Tech over Virginia

#15 LSU over Arkansas

#17 Miami over South Florida

South Carolina upsets #18 Clemson

#19 BYU over #21 Utah

#20 USC over UCLA

#23 Houston over Rice

#24 North Crolina over NC State

#25 Ole Miss over Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl…

Other Noteable Games:

Boston College over Maryland

Wake Forest over Duke

‘Zona over ‘Zona State

The Fighting Manginos over Missouri  (The players rally around the coach and get to a bowl game… Against the gut on this one…)

Texas Tech over Baylor

Washington over Washington State

Stanford over Notre Dame (Dan Hawkins is coming back at Colorado just like I said he would… because of the contract. Charlie’s deal is even better than Hawkins’ deal… I don’t know if the Irish will pull the trigger on firing him. It’ll cost them 18 Mil to do that).

Navy over Hawaii

And… The Big One:Florida State at the Swamp. Tim Tebow’s last game. Spikes’ last game. Heck, maybe even Urban’s (Don’t believe that crap about him staying at UF ‘as long as they’ll have him’. If the Irish pony up, he’s leavin’). FSU’s Defense has been awful this year. Christian Ponder’s out for the rest of the way. FSU’s Redshirt Freshman EJ Manuel is running the show. Urban Meyer is undefeated against FSU since arriving at UF. Florida has a national title shot on the line. FSU is turnover prone… All that adds up to:…………………………………………..I can’t do it! I won’t do it! I won’t pick the Gators over the ‘Noles! Somehow, yes, some WAY… FSU is going to pull this one out! AS AGAINST THE GUT AS IT WILL EVER BE (short of  me playing QB for the ‘Noles).

The ‘NOLES beta Florida in the upset of the year! EJ Manuel becomes an instant FSU legend!





Okay… No. I’m not insane. I’m holding out hope, but Florida’s going to win this one. Saint Bowden WILL be back next year and so will Ponder. They’re going to have a great year next year and Tebow will have finally moved on after being the Florida QB for the last 12 years. This year, though, as have the last few seasons, will belong to the Gators. I said it. Now I’m going to find the bag to put over my head. Forgive me, Saint Bobby!


(And Texas has won with Colt McCoy having a pedestrianly MONSTER game. Give him the Heisman so we can have a repeat of the Heisman versus Heisman from last year… And this SHOULD be a rematch on both accounts…)



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