24 of 30 ‘Big Boy’ Tiny Smalls

This was REALLY quick. But it’s done. Only 6 more to go. I might draw a few quick ones… This has been fun (30 characters in 30 days), but I’m starting to get a bit busy on other stuff and need the extra time. So I guess I’ll get busy when I get back from a few errands….

Anyway, I drew this in about 12 minutes (he’s only about 2″ tall).. Colored him in about 2o… I don’t know why, but he seems like an amalgamation of Hulk characters: the Hulk himself, Doc Samson’s (old uni), the Abomination… Maybe Killer Croc from Batman’s Rogues Gallery… Subconscious at work I guess. I think my biggest influence shows through on small quick ones like this… I could’ve done better on his sabre-teeth (or maybe the whole thing…).


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