Week 12 Aftermath and Crash! LAnden’s Week 13 Top 25 Poll

The ‘Noles have won the Super Bowl! The ‘Noles have won the Super Bowl! The ‘N– What? Oh, sorry. They just kept the  (Win) Streak alive under Bowden. It looked like another loss until Greg Reed, who was in Mickey Andrews’ doghouse all day long saves the day with a great punt return at the end to give a boost to the EJ Manuel led offense. ANd they needed it.

It looks bad for the ‘Noles this week… but don’t count those chickens, yet, Crocs…. If they look past the ‘Noles, FSU has a chance. FSU probably will have to have their best game and Florida will have to come out ‘flat’ as they say, but there’s still a chance. Same with Auburn. Same with Texas A & M… Same with… Well, there are a lot of great games next week… Can’t wait. On to the picks…

Top 25 picks 17-3 ATG:0-1 Other Games: 3-4 (wow)… Vs. ACC Blogging Evil FSU Hatin’ Heather D:We both went 4-1.

Grand Totals:178-40  in Top 25 Picks. 45-31  in ‘Other Notable Games’.  That’s 223-71. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 62-25 to her 61-26 . And 4-14 vs ‘The Gut’.

Before I go on to the poll… I figured I would relive my Preseason picks: In the ‘Major conferences: Florida (To Be decided next week. Is it too late to change it to ‘Bama?), Oregon (To Be decided this week), Texas (To Be decided next week) and FSU (ahem…). So 4 of them are still in the running. In the Big east I would never have picked ‘Natti, but they impressed me right from the beginning against Rutgers. In the Title Game I had Texas-Notre Dame. I think I’ll still get half of that right. The other part, well… The Irish had what looked like an unspeakably soft schedule, but that was on paper. teams like Washington, Navy, and others were better than they were a year ago and that’s going to add up to Charlie Weiss getting canned… MAYBE. I know everyone’s calling for his head, but just like Colorado’s Coach Hawkins, Charlie’s got a real sweet deal. I heard one of the NBC announcers saying that if Charlie’s fired, ND will have to pay him 18 MILLION DOLLARS. For NOT coaching. Then they’d have to pay another incoming coach and the totals would probably end up in the rich neighborhood of 50 Big Ones. Can Notre Dame afford that, even if they DO own their own network? I don’t know….

It’s already been announced that RichRod’s coming back to Michigan. There was never a doubt for me on that one. Saint Bobby will be back also. Bank on that. If Clausen comes back to Notre Dame, they’ll have a great season next year. If he goes pro, they might as well fire Charlie now, because the Irish will be awful without Clausen, but with Charlie. They don’t have a backup QB that wil play well in Clausen’s absence next year.

Just want to point out, that my Top 3 hasn’t changed in any of my polls Texas has been on a collision course with the SEC all year long. It would be hysterical if the Top 3 all lost during this Rivalry week. Then TCU and Cincinatti could play for the National Championship and Boise would be crying about being the third undefeated team left out in the cold and would have to settle on playing Florida, The Tide or Texas. Then the other 2 teams I just mentioned could play in a third tier bowl… On second thought… No, that would suck. Texas I think is the most sure thing this week, followed by ‘Bama, then Florida. I think FSU has the best chance for an upset, but then again, I’m biased.

My Top 25
#1 Florida (11-0)
#2 Texas (11-0)
#3 Alabama (11-0)

#4 Cincinatti (10-0)
#5 TCU (11-0)
#6 Boise State (11-0)
#7 Georgia Tech (10-1)
#8 Pittsburgh (9-1)
#9 Oklahoma State (9-2)
#10 Oregon (9-2)
#11 Ohio State (10-2)
#12 Iowa (10-2)
#13 BYU (9-2)
#14 Penn State (10-2)
#15 Miami (8-3)
#16 Clemson (8-3)
#17 Navy (8-3)
#18 Rutgers (8-2)
#19 LSU (8-3)
#20 West Virginia (7-3)
#21 Virginia Tech (8-3)
#22 Nebraska (8-3)
#23 Utah (9-2)
#24 Houston (9-2)
#25 Oregon State (8-3)

#26 North Carolina (8-3)
#27 Ole Miss (8-3)
#28 Wisconsin (9-3)
#29 Stanford (7-4)
#30 USC (7-3)

GO ‘Noles! Win one more for St. Bobby and Mick!


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