Crash! Landen’s College Football Week 12 Top 25 Poll and the Heisman

A bit late with this one. I decided to go Top 30 also, instead of the Top 25… My top 8 is unchanged. It looks like there are going to be some ugly matchups in the Bowl Season after the Top 2 (‘Bama and Texas). TCU was impressive, but it was againsta good team who had a freshman QB making his 2nd(?) start this late in the season. Cincinnati continues to get it done, but weren’t quite impressive as they looked earlier in the season. Florida continues to win. Texas has been on cruise control all year. The Tide look like the traditional Tide.

As far as the Heisman goes (one of the most over-rated awards in sports where the voters routinely get it wrong), I still think it’s still Colt McCoy’s to lose. He hasn’t had quite the flashy year  he had last season, but he SHOULD HAVE WON IT LAST YEAR. Other players with consideration: CJ Spiller may be one of the best players, but he gets hurt a lot and his team is mediocre. Mark Ingram  has been impressive in big games thus far and has 1300 yards with 3 more games to play before Bowl Season. I also wonder why no one’s mentioned Nesbitt or Dwyerr for GT. Of course, there’s Tebow, also, but he hasn’t had the year that he’s had in the past. But he’s still winning…

#1 Florida (10-0)

#2 Texas (10-0)

#3 Alabama (10-0)

#4 Cincinatti (10-0)

#5 TCU (10-0)

#6 Boise State (10-0)

#7 Georgia Tech (10-1)

#8 Pittsburgh (9-1)

#9 LSU (8-2)

#10 Oklahoma State (8-2)

11 Oregon  (8-2)

#12 Ohio State (9-2)

#13 Iowa (9-2)

#14 BYU  (8-2)

#15 Penn State  (9-2)

#16 Wisconsin (9-2)

#17 Stanford (7-3)

#18 Miami (7-3)

#19 Clemson (7-3)

#20 Navy (8-3)

# 21 Rutgers (7-2)

#22 West Virginia (7-3)

#23 Virginia Tech (7-3)

#24 Nebraska (7-3)

#25 Utah (8-2)

#26 Houston (8-2)

#27 Oregon State (7-3)

#28 North Carolina (7-3)

#29 Ole Miss (7-3)

#30 USC (7-3)


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