Week 11 College Football Picks Aftermath

I missed big on several, this week, but I picked some more ‘upsets’ like Stanford over USC, and FSU won, so I’m happy. I might actually watch the replay this time. BTW, the AP poll shows their biases and lack of competency  when just 2 weeks after Oregon had beaten USC by what, 4 touchdowns (?) they had USC ranked ahead of the Ducks. Brilliant… bangin

Top 25 picks 15-7 Awful. ATG:1-2 Other Games: 4-2… Vs. ACC Blogging Evil FSU Hatin’ Haether D: 5-1 to her 4-2… Has she beaten me in any week this year?

winkGrand Totals:161-37  in Top 25 Picks. 42-27  in ‘Other Notable Games’.  That’s 203-64. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 58-24 to her 57-25 . And 4-13 vs ‘The Gut’.

FSU HAS to beat Maryland this week to go bowling… Unless they beat Florida of course.whistling



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