Week 10 College Football Picks Aftermath… It’s Gettin’ Ugly

Oooohhh, my poor ‘Noles…. Oooooohhhhh. That one hurt. Heather is probaly still celebrating…. Excuse me a minute while I barf….

Okay, I’m back… So many upsets on Saturday.  A few teams got some really  bad breaks. Iowa zipped out to a quick lead and then their QB sverely injures his angle and… Northwestern takes advantage of a struggling offensive team without their starter. Nothing worse in college football than to be undefeated and have your starting QB go out with an injury. Just ask Oklahoma. In comes the green backup who usually looks like he’;s never held one of these oblong shaped objects called a football.

Anyway, I’m recovering from the ‘Nole loss. I guess I’ll have to hope for a dramatic upset when they head to Gainesville. I know, I’m delusional.


#1 Florida 27 Vanderbilt 3 Crash! Picked: UF

#2 Texas 35 UCF 3 Crash! Picked: Texas

#3 Alabama 3 LSU 9 Crash! Picked: ‘Bama

#4 Iowa 10 Northwestern 17 Crash! Picked: Iowa

#5 Cincinnati 47 UConn 45 Crash! Picked: Cincinnati

#6 TCU 55 San Diego State 12 Crash! Picked: TCU

#7 Boise State 45 Louisiana Tech 35 Crash! Picked: BSU

#8 Oregon 42 Stanford 51 Crash! Picked: Stanford in an upset (Against the Gut, but I called it)

#10 Georgia Tech 30 Wake Forest 27 Crash! Picked: Tech

#11 Penn State 7 #16 Ohio State 24 Crash! Picked: Penn State

#12 USC 14 Arizona State 9 Crash! Picked: USC

#13 Pittsburgh 37 Syracuse 10 Crash! Picked: Pitt

#14 Utah 45 New Mexico 14 Crash! Picked: Utah

#15 Houston 46 Tulsa 45 Crash! Picked: Houston (but close)

#17 Miami 52 Virginia 17 Crash! Picked:Miami

#18 Arizona 48  Washington State 7 Crash! Picked: Arizona

#19 Oklahoma State 34 Iowa State 8 Crash! Picked:Oklahoma State

#20 Cal 14 Oregon State 31 Crash! Picked: Cal

#21 Wisconsin 31 Indiana 28 Crash! Picked: Wisconsin

#22 Notre Dame 21 Navy 23 Crash! Picked: The Irish (Wow. Charlie is SO fired…)

#23 Virginia Tech 16 East Carolina 3 Crash! Picked: Tech

#24 Oklahoma 3 Nebraska 10 Crash! Picked: Oklahoma (Double wow… This is one of the more shocking scores of the day IMHO)

FSU 40 Clemson 24 Crash! Picked:  ‘Noles (Against The Gut on this one)

Duke 6 North carolina 19 Crash! Picked: NC

Kansas 10 Kansas State 17 Crash! Picked: K State

South Carolina 33 Arkansas 16 Crash! Picked: South Carolina

Purdue 38 Michigan 36 Crash! Picked: Michigan (Rich Rod’s packing the bags as we speak)

Maryland 31 NC State 38 Crash! Picked: NC State

This week I was 17-5 i the Top 25  and 3-3 in Other Games… Ugh. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich, we both went  5-1 due to my inability to pick AGAINST the ‘Noles and her inability to pick the Noles. It cancelled out this week. Against the gut I was 1-1.

Totals: 161-37 (81.3%) in Top 25 Picks. 42-27 (60.9%) in ‘Other Notable Games’.  That’s 203-64 (76%). Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) we’re both 53-23 (about 70%). And 3-11 vs ‘The Gut’ (21.4%).


Worthwhile games on next week’s schedule: Cinci/West Virginia, Miami/North Carolina (no, really… Butch Davis plays his  old team), Ga. Tech/Duke (no, really),  Houston @ UCF may be good, Michigan @ Wisconsin to try and save RichRod’s job, Florida @ South Carolina (Spurrier vs his old team), Iowa/Ohio State,  Stanford/USC, ‘Bama/Mississippi State, Utah/TCU, Notre Dame @ Pitt (the Irish trying to save Charlie’s job), Texas Tech/Okie State, among others… Of course there’s also the grudge match that is FSU/Wake game in the battle of ‘What Could’ve Beens’… GO NOLES!



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