8 of 30 Gustav And The Magic Talking Balloons

Here’s the 8th entry…

GUSTAV1And what I said over there:

“Here’s my eighth character design: Gustav!… And his 3 Wonderfully Magical Talking Balloons! There was nothing that Gustav the good hearted little boy, loved more than chocolate delights and frolics in the snowy forest; that is, until he opened  his Grandfather Nikita’s Trunk of Wonder, and found 3  balloons floating free from inside. These were no ordinary balloons, but MAGIC Talking Balloons. They were his Grandfather’s 3 best, most wonderful, magical childhood friends: Nikolai, Sergei, & Na—…. Hold it!

Dammit… Could some of you PLEASE try and keep your character designs in your own  section? Geez…. Stupid Forest Ninja Thorn! Stupid!…. All that work for nothin’…. Well there’s Gustav. He just isn’t going to be having any Magical Adventures, now.”

I know. Just bein’ silly…


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