Week 9 Picks Aftermath

I did pretty good this week. Picked  the Top 12, several upsets (USC, South Florida, Auburn…),  and the ‘Noles win! ‘Noles win! After the dust settled, the first thing that crossed my mind was wouldn’t it be funny if Oregon wins out, gets LeGarrette Blount back (who’s been been out indefinitely for the Punch Seen Around The World (at Boise), and Boise finishes out there undefeated season… Would there be? Could there be… a rematch? For me, that would be hilarious and must see TV. I HIGHLY doubt that the school officials at both schools would even think about that scenario.

FSU continues to suck the fun out of watching them.  I really believe that if  you gave me pads and a helmet and put me out there on defense, they would do no worse than they’re already doing. And at least I know how to catch. Their DB’s look like they’ve never even seen this oblong object called a football. Don’t try and catch it with your face!!! Geez.

Iowa reminds me of theTee Martin helmed Tennessee team that went undefeated a few years ago (1999?). They were luckier than they were good, having several freak plays and events that allowed them to get to the title, such as the Arkansas game where the Arkansas QB (his name might’ve been Stoner) with a lead and aboiut a minute and a half left in the game, just put  the ball on the ground and stumbled away from it, allowing a defensive player for UT to pick it up and run 60 or 70 yards for a TD. Then they faced  aWeike-less FSU in the title game. Chris Wienke who would take the ‘Noles to a title the following year and win the Heisman, had broken his neck (yes, his neck.. he’s okay now, though), so UT faced Marcus ‘The Rooster’ Outzen as the ‘Nole QB. Outzen beat Florida that year, but he was no Wienke…. What? Sorry, I was reminiscing. Iowa! Back to my point. Iowa seems to be having that kind of season, where no matter what happens in the game… No matter how badly they get outplayed… They STILL win. They seem to play at the level of the opposition, too, but they win and that’s all that counts.

Florida and Texas both had similar blowouts. But Texas, though, has looked like they’ve been on cruise control the entire year. Even in the close games, it’s looked as though, McCoy yawns and throws 3 or 4 TDs or the defense runs an INT or 2 back and the outcome is never in doubt. I  think it’ll be Alabama and Texas at the end of the year. ‘Bama has a tough one this week against LSU, though.

Duke continues to surprise. They’re the best they’ve been there since Spurrier was the Head Ball Coach there. Remember that? He won the ACC a couple of times if I remember correctly.

The Totals through Week 8: 126-35 in Top 25 Picks. 34-23 in ‘Other Notable Games’. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 43-20 to her 42-21. And 1-9 vs ‘the gut’.



The Dark One... Evil FSU Hatin' ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (shudder)

#1 Florida 41 vs Georgia 17  in Jacksonville Crash! Picks: Florida

#3 Texas 41 Oklahoma State 14 Crash! Picks: Texas

#4 Iowa 42  Indiana 24 Crash! Picks: Iowa

#5 USC 20 #10 Oregon 47 Crash! Picks: Oregon

#6 TCU 41 UNLV 0 Crash! Picks: TCU

#7 Boise State  45  San Jose State 7 Crash! Picks: Boise State

#8 Cincinatti 28 Syracuse 7 Crash! Picks: Cincinatti

#9 LSU 42 Tulane 0 Crash! Picks: LSU

#11 Georgia Tech 56 Vanderbilt 31 Crash! Picks: Georgia Tech

#12 Penn State 34 Northwestern 13 Crash! Picks: Penn State

#13 Virginia Tech 17 North Carolina 20 Crash! Picks: Virginia Tech

#16 Utah 22 Wyoming 10 Crash! Picks: Utah

#17 Ohio State 45 New Mexico State 0 Crash! Picks: Ohio State

#18 Houston 50 Southern Miss 43 Crash! Picks: Houston

#19 Miami 28 Wake Forest 27 Crash! Picks: Miami

#21 West Virginia 19 South Florida 30 Crash! Picks: South Florida (against the Gut)

#22 South Carolina 13 Tennessee 31 Crash! Picks: South Carolina (Against The Gut)

#23 Notre Dame 40 Washington State 14 Crash! Picks: Notre Dame

#24 Cal 23 Arizona State 21 Crash! Picks: Cal (Flip a coin)

#25 Ole Miss 20  Auburn 33 Crash! Picks: Auburn

Other Notable Games…

FSU 45 NC State 42 Crash! Picks: The Cardiac Noles

Duke 28 Virginia 17 Crash! Picks: Virginia

Kansas 21  Texas Tech 42  Crash! Picks: Texas Tech

Mississippi State 31 Kentucky 24 Crash! Picks: MSU

Boston College 31 Central Michigan 10 Crash! Picks: Boston College

Clemson 49 Coastal Carolina 3 Crash! Picks: Clemson

Top 25: I went 18-2 which is pretty good, if I don’t say. In Other Noteable Games: 5-1.. Again, not bad.



See? See?! Evil!!!

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I went  5-2 to her 6-1… Crap. I’m sure she was flying around on her broomstick over her picks. Oh, well.Next week I’ll have to pull ahead again. Oh, and I broke even against The Gut, which is the best I’ve ever done against The Pit Of My Stomach.

Totals: 144-32 in Top 25 Picks. 39-24 in ‘Other Notable Games’. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 48-22 to her 48-22.  All tied. Crap crap…. And 2-10 vs ‘the gut’.

Next week, the ‘Noles take on Clemson. In Death Valley. At Night. Hopefully the ‘Noles ‘keep hope alive’ in that one. There are some other games worth watching also. The previously mentioned ‘Bama/LSU game, Ohio State/PennState, Oregon/Stanford, Wake/Georgia Tech might be interesting, and so too the Oklahoma/Nebraska game among others. Iowa is playing Northwestern, but the way Iowa is squeaking by, that might be another to watch.  ‘Bama/LSU will be the BIG game to watch; other than the FSU game, that is.


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